Fast & Furious: Crossroads, Review: Neither Fu (rious) Nor Fa (st)


The new game in the Full Gas franchise makes a big effort, but it stays Half Gas.

There is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the evolution of some in-game sagas. Certainly many of them will be surprised to see the number of games issued in the last 16 years under the name Fast & Furious. And it turns out that the saga was as prolific as the number of movies and by – products, even though most of the deliveries were for mobile phones and arcades – very similar to the Cruis’n series.

On consoles we had an issue for PlayStation 2 and PSP in 2006 that wasn’t bad at all, but it came too late and with outdated graphics when PS2 had ‘monsters’ as Fire 3 and 4 e I was going for the Need for Speed ​​Carbon. And then we had to wait until 2013 to ‘treasure’ it R&D Exhibition, disaster on all levels. The saga of the ‘family’ has made us wait again, at least 7 years, that we can be connected almost this 2020 i Fast & Furious: Crossroads.

Fast & Furious: Crossroads, Review: Neither Fu (rious) nor Fa (st)

Fast & furious

Switching from movies about illegal racing to type 11 on Ocean wheels and then directly to a James Bond polygon, the Showdown installment abandoned the style of the racing game to become more like Drivers than Reflections, with a plot spliced ​​F&F 5 with F&F 6. The combination looks easy: very arcane races with levels full of scripts. Basically zero freedom of exploration but in return I develop corridors to achieve the same effect as the movies with their crazy set pieces of vehicles.

This is what Crossroads tries, and that’s what fans want. And the shit again, it puts it there at absurd levels, because we don’t believe that movies that surpass F&F 7 from the 1,000 million box office have such bad games. More importantly because this is signed by Slightly Mad Studios, authors of games with graphics and physics as portentous as their Need for Speed ​​Shift and Shift 2 as well as Project CARS.

Fast & Furious: Crossroads, Review: Neither Fu (rious) nor Fa (st)

At the top are the names of Bandai Namco, Universal and Tigon studio, which is owned by Vin Diesel, a longtime gamer and who helped create great titles as it were Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher’s Bay. Therefore, we do not understand what this catastrophe means with the names behind it. But hey, let’s do business.

The game starts strongly, just by controls a Playmouth GTX with Dom Toretto at the wheel, and Leti next door on a mission searching for a baddie through exotic Greece in a flame-retardant tank. This is where we first get in touch with the game, and this is where we already see that things are not going well. The GTX is powerful, but it gets out of hand. And it is true that we can say here that this usually happens with American Muscle at 150 – 200 km / h, the problem is the control and the camera.

Tigon Studios and Slightly Mad

Crossroads is essentially a car game with a story that brings together the in-game moments within a 35 mission + prologue campaign, providing a full duration in the Singleplayer of 4-5 hours – less than even 4 if you hurry. The problem is that the vast majority, in one word, are BORING. For example, the first 9 missions are tidy – including a night and all-Tuning race, and to # 10, which is basically a recreation of the open scene of the truck robbery in Fast & Furious 1, it doesn’t matter least funny. , with a mission that brings adrenaline and eventual challenge.

The problem is that the missions are mostly wrong, mIt is essentially a poorly designed, poorly executed and usable execution drive almost in a straight line and do not get out of the way ‘, the game returns to us or happens exactly as on the streets of Barcelona – one of the cities in the game, and shows The Wheelman-, Diesel itself, that you can no explore, only move through the streets that the study does not limit with arrows that cannot be crossed, period.

Fortunately, The 36 levels include fun stages, pure F&F – especially the last 2-, but few, very few. I want them to bet that they would not be so serious and horrible out of the rage of the F&F arc, which is what we were looking for and that we only got in flasks. Another element is that the plot of the game itself is interesting, but the Family itself rarely comes out, and while we love both protests, Vienna and the non-binary Cam, this is an F&F, and there are only three characters in the series.

Fast & Furious: Crossroads, Review: Neither Fu (rious) nor Fa (st)

Along with the poor mission design we have lousy control. Big mistake at first: the camera is fixed and can’t be moved, and too close to the car too. We can’t choose another perspective, or move it away – who is crying for it – not even a person from the first person, so the visual chaos that we don’t know where we are is far from significant and in environments which is a little more closed. We can at least rotate it with one of the sticks, but it doesn’t do more either.

And the cars are something like Russian roulette: while each vehicle is understood to have its own characteristics – driving a Shelby GT 500 is not the same as a Renault or over-powered 4×4 buggy for the desert-, there is a generic drive and some cars are well-implemented and well-driven, while others are a bloody cross trying to master them. We like the touch jump from one driver to another driver in various missions -and everyone with their skills-, but this is not given too much.

Fast & Furious: Crossroads, Review: Neither Fu (rious) nor Fa (st)

To spice up the gameplay, not only do cars have nitro, but tAbility to hit too: in the style of the long-awaited ‘Takedown’ that Criteria was born in that masterpiece Burnout 3 – which ages well -, at a Crossroads R&D we can beat the contestants and throw them off the road. The problem is that the integration of the mechanics in the upper triggers + the control + the camera + too much damage that the baddies take sometimes causes this eThis fun mechanic becomes tedious. We also have James Bond-style spiked bars, but that’s another mechanic who makes the longevity bars over and over again.


It is undoubtedly the best the number of nodes for the saga – like seeing The Racers Edge store in Barcelona, ​​the same one where O’Connor worked in the first F&F-, or references to Suki, a character in F&F 2. There are checkpoints, and thank goodness, because it would be an abuse to repeat the whole missions, though honestly they are not very long

Fast & Furious: Crossroads, Review: Neither Fu (rious) nor Fa (st)

To add more content to the proposal, Crossroads comes with a priori fun paper-based online method. With support for 9 simultaneous user games, these are divided into 3 groups:

– Heroes

Fast & Furious: Crossroads, Review: Neither Fu (rious) nor Fa (st)

– Villains

– Police

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