Eternal Doom, Switch Review. Miracle In Hell


Panic Button does it again and Switch takes advantage of one of the most important games of 2020. The study doesn’t seem to have limits, nor does the console.

It’s a nice thing to see good relationships. With the arrival of Doom Eternal to Switch we have fed the infernal id Software family well on a Nintendo machine (and a special reference to the precious Doom 64, also recently released). And the matter is not trivial, because if it was already difficult to imagine Serve 2016 on a Kyoto console, Eternal doubted us because of its greater technical need.

Well, we can now say that there is nothing to fear, Panic Button has done it again, and while more effort has been made on this occasion, the experience gained with carrying the previous iteration of the saga is delivering with Eternal a very worthwhile version of the powerful board game. Miracles can happen in hell itself.

Wizards the Panic Button

As always in these cases, we refer readers to the original review of the game we published at the time. Written by Sergi motenai, one of our most talented analysts for games of this kind, you will then find all the details that made Doom Eternal fixture in all the lists of the best games of the year. All you have to do is consider the normal in Switch versions: the lower number in frame and resolution, the rest is as you can read in that wonderful text. So we will focus on the specifics of this version and what the users of the hybrid console expect in terms of quality.

Former employees of Acclaim, Panic Button was among the first studios to have access to Switch hardware. They have worked years before alongside Nintendo and Nvidia on the console that will launch in March 2017. In that sense, it is understandable that they are light years from other companies responsible for moving desktop games to PC. glass. .

Eternal Doom, Switch review. Miracle in hell

One Feral Interactive (responsible for the beloved alien’s truly incredible port: Isolation and the prudent Grid, which is only weighed by Switch’s non-gradual trigger on the slip) and Interactive information (The authors of that global port that is The Witcher 3 with CD Projekt RED) can watch Texans face to face.

Having a deep knowledge of the possibilities of the machine does not equal infallibility. We have Virtuos, who secretly sinned after his illustrious port of Dark Souls or the tripods Spyro and Bioshock. His remarks that nothing was impossible for them on Switch, that they would even get quality ports of the next few games, reality was bathed in a game of the current generation at the time (though not too technically demanding) like The Outer Worlds.

Eternal Doom on Switch

Panic Button tells of his work for achievements in complex titles such as Doom of 2016 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, which is a surprise. They are also responsible for the port of Doom 3, which accompanied the landing of the saga on Switch alongside the Servants and Serve 2 classics, and New Blood, a by-product of Wolfenstein II. Of course, they are also guilty Warframe also work on nintendo console. They don’t seem to reach their limit, and we hope that they will continue like this for a long time to come.

Eternal Doom, Switch review. Miracle in hell

Panic Button has been involved since the beginning of the development of Doom Eternal with Bethesda and iD Software to bring the game to the Switch. Important details like working on them the new engine id Tech 7 And the advent of the pandemic took several months from the original launch of the game on desktop and PC platforms in that fateful March 2020 until Switch arrived in December.

An interview on Nintendolife with Cody Nicewarner and Travis Archer, two notable members of the study, reveals how Id software included the Switch version from the first minute. So it wasn’t a second-rate console but the idea of ​​Eternal Doom encompassed all consoles equally. The new engine was designed to take advantage of the latest PC technology and to squeeze the power of PS4 and One, so the Panic Button was a huge challenge.

Eternal Doom, Switch review. Miracle in hell

The involvement from the first moment contributed to a sense of ongoing work in progress. The engine was getting updates that needed to be analyzed in the study, some went to the benefit of the development, and others complicated it. The bottlenecks of less powerful consoles had to be handled carefully, and to see what could be subtracted from the final design without compromising on quality. Not only was the capabilities of the Switch tested, but the scalability of the new engine. For the rest, as plugins in the laptop, we worked on a bit more readable and the use of gyroscope pointing, a trait that is always appreciated in a shooter.

So all the original content, which is very generous and generous in choices, is here. The sacrifices come for the casting part, since the frame rate has been given priority. If the dreamy 60 fps of desktop consoles cannot be achieved, it is a good thing that the 30 will remain stable. In the dock, maximum dynamic resolution is reached 720p, with drops to 504p in moments of greater graphic stress than in portable mode they can go down up to 360p.

Despite the fact that the whole game looks good, and on more than one occasion you will take screenshots of the wonderful and infernal scenarios. An example of this is the images that accompany this Review. Plus, in a game with such hectic moments, fps are at the forefront compared to visual quality. There is no time then to acknowledge the landscape, but we will only have eyes to look for a place that will give us a second security to catch our breath. Doom on Switch is as glorious and eternal as it is of its older sisters. Sometimes miracles even happen in hell.


Switch 2020 closes with one of the games of the year in its catalog. Panic Button lived up to his name but his reputation as a good porter. There was no need to push the panic button, and there seems to be no challenge in this study that he can resist. The new id Tech 7 engine, created to take advantage of computers and push the already dying old gen, has shown its versatility with the Nintendo hybrid. Everything that makes Eternal Doom great is here: its wild campaign with a more vertical approach to action, its multiplayer modes (with Battlemode available from the start, though they advise us to explore it with experience accumulated), its collections that power usability … I am delighted to be able to play Eternal Doom anywhere, use fine tuning through motion control, to have the best possible version of the game on portable machine. Despite predictable swaps such as a lower frame and resolution, Doom Eternal on Switch retains its must-have gameplay character, and runs seamlessly among the best console ports.

THE BEST _____

  • Incredible but true: Eternal Doom on Switch.
  • The feeling that nothing can happen to the Nintendo machine if it falls into the right hands.
  • Oriented Gyroscope and Hud optimized for handheld gaming.
  • It stays steady at 30 fps with a few drops of minis
  • Content does not sacrifice. It’s all here.


  • The predictable trademarks in resolution and framework
  • Not launching a physical edition of this size


Very good

A game with a great finish that we will enjoy and remember. A good purchase, highly recommended for lovers of the genre. He is well cared for at every level.

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