End Of The Wind: Brave The Storm, Review


The 5 Lives Studios survival adventure doesn’t come to the harbor wanting your good intentions.

Since its presentation, End of the Wind: Brave The Storm The comparison with Zelda: Breath of the Wild weighed him down because of his aesthetics. Very colorful graphics, very ancient scenarios where nature and mysticism come together, a quiet main character, a mode of transport such as a basic paraglider or boat, a hunting and cooking system for sustenance … The points in common inevitably made a comparison. However, i MeriStation We were able to test this new title a few weeks ago and found, beyond all appearances, that it has nothing to do with Link’s adventures. 5 Live Studios and Deep Silver propose a survival adventure for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Named one of the biggest indie promises this August, we get in charge of a beautiful ship whose journey makes something desirable.

The basic principle of the Windbound story is a classic heroine journey, filled with discovery, wonders, obstacles, and magical elements. He is our protagonist Kara, a shipwrecked hero in the Forbidden Islands. The young woman, far from her home, must adapt to an inviolable world as she discovers her secrets and reunites with her tribe. A very simple structure in the story, divided into 5 chapters, is integrated in the game: in each episode, we reach a different part of the archipelago and have to find and activate three watchtower to access an ominous water temple later. In each step, the challenges will increase, as the seas become invincible and the beasts more powerful. The estimated length of the game is approx 10 hours, which will last because of the times we have to resume a chapter, although there will also be complexities that want to spend a lot of time exploring and improving the character and his ship.

Beauty is not everything

After the end of each episode, we discover a little more of the story through frescoes, though we find fragments of lyrical texts with memories of ancient civilizations throughout the game. So the story is presented in a poetic way, without over-cinema or text overload, and it feels an enticing simple legend. However, it is easy to lose touch with the plot when we have to spend a few hours gathering and managing resources. For her, Kara is a pretty fairly forgotten character, who feels like a more empty cute avatar.

There is a breeze, at first glance beautiful game Despite its raw animation, with colorful aesthetics and attractive images that extend to its procedurally generated islands. While the diversity of ecosystems is not great, it is enjoyable to explore its territory and discover new fauna and vegetation. The creatures are original and expansive, with an effective design that evokes real animals and allows us to get an idea of ​​their behavior. The sea, with its algae and reefs, is its best cared for audio-visual feature, and in addition to the quiet piano music we feel a pleasant calm during navigation. However, beauty is the only great virtue of this title.

Windbound Studios 5 Lives Koch Media Deep Silver Kara Survival RPG adventure Forbidden Islands fantasy PC PS4 Nintendo Switch Xbox One

The work of 5 Lives Studios starts from a good idea that left it wary. The resource management system is gender based more traditional, but pales before its mechanical orthotics. The search for wristwatches ends up being repetitive, even though in our time we are forced to entertain ourselves by seeking sustenance on every island. We have two modes of difficulty — History and Survival — although we miss the progress in activating watchtowers, so we have to restart the exploration completely.

It is also easy to die and not because the game is particularly challenging. We learn the theory right away: We need to be careful of Kara’s hunger meter and provide her with food, whether it’s collecting berries and mushrooms or hunting beasts, while at the same time making sure the food in our inventory doesn’t rot. We need to build a boat strong enough to deal with increasingly rough waters. And of course we need to be aware of our inventory limits and upgrade our weapons to deal with dangerous creatures. In addition, in the aquatic temples we can receive a divine blessing in exchange for marine crystals, to enhance our heroes and lighten the challenge of the Forbidden Islands. Similarly, during our exploration we can find remnants of civilizations with men that can give us more health bar or hunger, as well as new details about the universe of the game.

Challenging for the wrong reasons

However, this highly affordable game system is complicated for the wrong reasons. The hunt is frustrating and uncomfortable, as the margin of maneuvering our footpath is small, in contrast to the animals that disappear from us with ease. To make matters worse, we have too many technical glitches that prevent us from leaving the combat mode when the confrontations are over, so we have to restart the game. So the Kara that is transmitted to us is not an experienced and well – known hero who deals with how to deal with dangers, but a barely beautiful girl who learns to take care of herself.

Windbound Studios 5 Lives Koch Media Deep Silver Kara Survival RPG adventure Forbidden Islands fantasy PC PS4 Nintendo Switch Xbox One

We will decide how and how deep to progress, how to feed ourselves, the weapons to specialize in, what armor to make, and how to customize our boat. The interface for managing resources is clear and well divided into sections, so that we are clear about what we carry in our inventory, about what we could create. However, faster shortcuts or a menu bar integrated within the game screen are lost, without resorting to the menu that almost always uses the full video. On the other hand, it is worth pointing out the correct location in which the names of the member were cleverly translated, as well as a type of font that is well readable and integrated into the aesthetics of the game.

The IS bád It is perhaps the most original feature of Windbound, and it is true that it ends well with a ship that starts from a simple hull and grows into a sailboat with integrated baskets, protective spikes and even a boiler for cooking. Conversely, it will be more challenging for its naturalness to sail the seas. Instead of driving the boat as if it were a motorcycle inside an arc, we need to take advantage of the wind in our favor to guide the sail, so that we know how long it will be used and in what direction. Once we make Kara a wonderful sailor, we enjoy crossing the sea to find the next island and even allow ourselves to be transported. This is the sweetest point of the game, which will make us bitter in the next fight and Windbound is, unfortunately, a shipwreck of clever ideas.

Windbound Studios 5 Lives Koch Media Deep Silver Kara Survival RPG adventure Forbidden Islands fantasy PC PS4 Nintendo Switch Xbox One

This game was analyzed in its version for Windows PC.

Windbound Studios 5 Lives Koch Media Deep Silver Kara Survival RPG adventure Forbidden Islands fantasy PC PS4 Nintendo Switch Xbox One

Our ship, the best companion


Windbound: Brave The Storm is based on a clever idea: a classic yet affordable survival game set in an island archipelago, with attractive audio-visual beauty and some space for creativity. However, this foundation is aquatic in light of the repeatability of the mission structure, orthopedic combat mechanics, and technical failures that provide a challenge to the wrong causes. Her simple story loses interest as progress continues through each chapter. The best maintained feature is maritime navigation, with a boat that becomes our best friend.

THE BEST _____

  • The audio – visual part, especially the sea
  • An easy-to-learn survival system


  • Highly orthopedic combat
  • Ongoing technical failures
  • Repetitive mission system

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