Eldest Souls, Review. Challenging Boss Rush Like A Few Others


The leading Fallen Flag Studio urges us to travel to a hopeless world and face the marathon of gods polluted by darkness.

While titles like Cuphead, Titan Souls or Furi have made it clear that the genre is Game Boss Rush It’s fashionable, the fact is that we have been facing a video game model that we have for many years. These remain in everyone’s memory. Red Earth or Shadow of the Cholossus – in his own way—, among others. Today we’re talking about a new one: Eldest Souls, developed by Fallen Flag Studio. It’s a challenging dark fantasy adventure, the main attraction of which is not to confront a series of frightening creatures one after another. We review the keys to a great title for the bravest of heroes.

with appearance pixel art particularly careful and with a very dark theme, the game hardly takes a few minutes to set us in: we take on the role of an ancient warrior who decides to return to The Citadel, where it was many years ago, mankind has waged war against corrupt gods. Despite the fact that the premise is simple and many times we have seen a similar introduction, the truth is that the background story, which we gradually access is talking to the few residents who still their sanity, as well as the three documents. what we gather while exploring, it’s pretty interesting.

Souls Oldest RPG Souls like Boss Rush PS5 Xbox Series X | S Nintendo Switch PC

corrupt gods

In a very similar way to what appears in Dark Souls – and the rest of the family titles -, the characters tend to be cryptic and offer us small missions that we sometimes end up not knowing was the object they requested. These commands allow us both to discover the new details of the plot, and to find various things and benefits that will help us during the journey. A journey marked, of course, by the final boss gluttony that we must address.

Eldest Souls is not a title that suits all audiences, of course. And not just because the proposal itself is extremely challenging; also because a curve of difficulty that is not badly measured. In particular, during the first few bars of the game, moments in which some of the leading bosses may be can be an insurmountable obstacle for inexperienced players or for those who are not particularly skilled. In addition, the development of the character – which we will talk about next – hardly gives room for rethinking. In other words: we often have only one path and our skills cannot be improved, so we would rather go through the fight successfully.

Souls Oldest RPG Souls like Boss Rush PS5 Xbox Series X | S Nintendo Switch PC

How to level or improve skills? Basically, Boss defeat gives us an upgrade point, as well as various artifacts we can use to direct our combat style towards one type or another. Development is slow, and the first few battles leave us with little room for maneuvers, let alone the strange – and confusing – way in which we progress through the skill tree. An artifact can be fitted in a number of different slots thus changing its effect in combat and reconnaissance parts. The system is simpler than it seems, but it has to get used to it. What’s more, all enhancements can be redistributed at any time.

In terms of length of time, the number of hours meets the number of attempts we need to complete each boss. So it’s hard to estimate a certain duration, though we can assure you it’s not strange to die many times and that they have to try it again and again. For him, the exploration sections seem a bit short, although it must be said that they are very enjoyable thanks to the great location, as well as the fact that you have a moment of rest to try to discover new details. about. the history. It is unfortunate that they are so short.

Easy to understand, but difficult to master

How could it be otherwise, if there is something in which Eldest Souls shines with its own light, it is in the design of its ultimate bosses. And we do not say this because of their awful appearance or because of their variety, but because of how well the battles are planned. After the first approach to checking how each rival performs, it’s time to learn their routines, become familiar with the range of attacks and fine – tune their reflexes to detect them as they approach. exercise most powerful ability.

Souls Oldest RPG Souls like Boss Rush PS5 Xbox Series X | S Nintendo Switch PC

There are bosses that have up to a dozen movements, and while they are not difficult enough to predict, the end and the order in which they are performed mean that no combat is the same as another. Often, the ear is our best ally to identify the exact time when the boss decides to hit us or release a huge shock wave. All the blows we receive can be fatal, even though we are never talking about an unjust experience; the controls respond perfectly and the impact box does not play tricks, so everything depends on our precision and speed in making decisions.

The big difference between Eldest Souls and other similar titles is its commitment to a active healing system, quite close to the one we saw at the time i Blood-borne. Our attacks are divided into normal and loaded attacks, the latter of which is of most interest to us. When we manage to land a loaded blow, our sword lights up and we spend a few seconds to blow up chains and drain the vitality of our target. It’s this feature that makes for some intense, strategic fights, where it’s often wise to wait and see if it’s worth it to regain some health, or do massive damage to the enemy. In other words: the combat system is by far the best in the game.

Souls Oldest RPG Souls like Boss Rush PS5 Xbox Series X | S Nintendo Switch PC

the enemy knows


Eldest Souls delivers what has always been promised: tough battles against imposing ultimate leaders, a simple but well-designed combat system, and a dark setting that can easily overwhelm us through sight. Of course, the Fallen Flag Studio title is not for all audiences; its difficulty curve is not exactly balanced during the first few bars, which frightens any user unfamiliar with this type of proposal. All in all, this is a great Boss Rush, perfect for lovers of the genre.

THE BEST _____

  • The ultimate bosses are pure shows
  • The active combat and medical system
  • The artistic direction, dark and attractive


  • The curve of difficulty, very weak measured
  • Skills development seems confusing



It meets the expectations of a good game, has quality and does not present serious flaws, although it lacks features that could take it to higher levels.

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