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The most realistic fight returns to the Octagon at the hands of Electronic Arts, offering UFC 4 a solvent proposal for fans but with little content.

Since the release of Fight Night Champion back in 2011, there has been a fight in The electronic arts It comes from the hand of MMA, or mixed martial arts, and specifically from the UFC federation, the most popular in the world. When in hands THQSince 2014, the Canadian giant has been in charge of giving us the opportunity to enjoy this sport with more and more fans of our consoles, as well as being able to do so in the wee hours of the morning on the television. With a release end every two years, EA can take the time to implement multiple enhancements from one release to another or even eliminate those features that don’t work, even if it’s a two-sided sword that which subtracts matter. Cool inside the octagon, regularly outside: that’s right EA Sports UFC 4.

As anyone who has never touched on a title in this franchise – those who already know it well – UFC 4 is far from being a fighting video game as we are used to, and all it brings that implies. The first of the consequences is that the control of fighters, whatever their style, is in high demand, with many button combinations – use them all, the stimuli too – and in some cases include mini-games, although obviously we can’t make combos of more than 3 or 4 hits either. Yes different techniques fight – which we’ll talk about later -, but it needs to be made clear that those based on beat – like boxing or kickboxing, for example – are easier to master than those that focus on grip.


Technical and strategic combat

As is usual in the genre – whether arcade or simulation, as in this case – the action buttons are assigned to kicks and punches, and are able to apply changes – force, height, etc … – through the triggers , and even then, everything is relatively simple. The triviality comes when gripping and closing, as well as ground movements, where the possibilities are so many and somewhat controversial, that it becomes almost inevitable to get involved at the beginning: you have to spend a lot of time to practice the techniques this master, already to make matters worse, is one of the play features that the studio has taken the lead in while increasing its possibilities.

One of those novels is what they saw fit to call Real Player Offer, or in another way, add animation and movements according to the state of the competition and the abilities of the fighters, offering fluency and credibility beyond a doubt, with very natural transitions. Also cases Ground & Pound, or hitting an opponent on the ground, they were reinforced, with more possibilities for the attacker, but also for the fighter who must defend himself, giving him more tools to escape from that unfavorable situation.


That said, the options once we’re on the ground locked in the fight are three: the aforementioned Ground & Pound, Get up, if we are not very familiar with this article, or Enter, solved by three strange minigame for the attacker and the defender. As an attacker, we have to match our strength with the strength of the defender by pushing on both rear stimulators, which is not easy since there are not only three positions – right, right and center – but there are positions there are also other intermediates that will depend on the pressure we put. over the buttons. While we must, on the defendant’s side, do the opposite, avoid that coincidence in a different interface that we change a crescent for an entire sphere – and this time is handled, in a much more intuitive way, with the right stick .

In the case of a simulator, it goes without saying that being able to deliver strong blows to the opponent is not at all easy, although it depends on the AI level, slightly larger than a normal or lower level sandbag. Therefore, it is absolutely satisfying to be able to give one that is practically the one that solves the fight, since it is the usual groggy animation that shows our opponent, the screen turns into a red tone that makes it is clear that we can end the fight. That said, we obviously recommend playing it at a level of difficulty above the Normal, as it is not a big challenge otherwise.

The rise to the elite, the core of UFC 4

Once again, and be left out of the list of routes a Final team which did not make much sense in this genre, we see that the star mode Rás, which is already well known to fans of virtual sports in which we make progress to bring our alter ego to the forefront. By the way, it’s probably this sport – like almost every single one – where this type of content makes the most sense, though unfortunately it’s not the most careful in UFC 4. We explain to ourselves.


We believe that the storytelling part of Career Mode in any video game must have a certain weight, otherwise it would be best to do without it. So far, we have only managed to enjoy plots that are well worth enjoying, in just a few installments of NBA 2K or Madden NFL, but they always sin to be too traditional or right, moving away from films that managed to capture darker aspects of the sport. , like He Got Game or Un Domingo Anyone, for continuing to compare to basketball and football. With the fight, in this case the UFC, EA has a great opportunity to do it – there are no great MMA movies, but there are boxing movies, for example – but it is wasted and in what way.

The beginning of this Career Mode is, how could it be otherwise, a creation – incomplete, yes-, our character, being able to edit from the normal physical features of his fighting style, that is the Boxing or this Kickboxing – recommended for newbies in the franchise-, or Lucha Libre, which is more suitable for experts, along with other and fairer intermediates. It should be based on this chosen style of how we improve our fighter with the skill points gained, although we always have two choices: to specialize in the chosen style, or to become a more versatile commercial.


We go back to talking about the narrative, and after the first fight that ends in the chase, coach Davis, who sees some potential in us, is seen, and from there the plot – which doesn’t exist – dissolves even faster than sugar, reducing it. to a few monologues at our discoveries and a presentation by Dana White, president of the UFC. Fortunately, this, which is just an introduction to most of the method, lasts no more than a few minutes, and we immediately take control of our character with complete freedom of decision.

We can create competitions thanks to our word on social networks, set up training sessions or video – simulated – to get more details about the next opponent, assign points to improve skills or learn new movements … Seriously, and while there aren’t many options, we’ve noticed that they are just the essential ones, and sometimes the period between fighting and fighting is repetitive and tidy, with little management ability, no matter how much this is compensated for in the combat, well-developed and challenging if, as we have already said, we have chosen a challenging level of difficulty.

Of this Career mode, and if millions of players are not getting into the online battles, the number and variety of modes is not a great thing, unfortunately, as we are getting traditional modalities. Of course, it’s clear that a discipline like this doesn’t offer much more unless you want to put on a shoe, as in the case of its predecessor, the Final Team method. The solution? Working precisely in that Career Mode to make it fuller and deeper, because that’s really what’s lost.


Fans of this discipline have a much-needed new installment in UFC 4, since it’s not an annual native franchise. Usable does not create problems, and is meant to present a control system and game as needed in a simulator: very complex and that requires a lot from the player so that he can master it. Everything that happens in the Octagon shines in its own light, though unfortunately the same cannot be said about what happens outside, with a scarcity of game modes and a larger one, Carrera, where more depth is lost. The new generation is presented as a new opportunity for a franchise that, like many others, needs new hardware to renew itself.

THE BEST _____

  • Very good level of simulation, very demanding
  • The improvements introduced related to everything related to soil: submissions, land & pound …
  • Though persistent, graphically solvent, with good models of the fighters and very fluid animation
  • Some of the arrangements are new, very original and provide variety


  • General shortage of material
  • The Career Method is deeply lacking
  • You have to play at high levels of difficulty to make the AI ​​a challenge



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and does not create serious flaws, although it lacks elements that can be taken to higher levels.

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