Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of Past Lost – Definitive Edition, Review


We look at Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of a Lost Past – Definitive Edition, which lands on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Essential of the JRPG.

Years don’t go by for the traditional JRPG. Franchise like Dragon Quest They are an interactive example that this creative vision has no expiration date. We see it in the impact they make even today. Yakuza, a hit-up brand from the 21st century, has turned into a successful turn-based adventure in Like a Dragon. The wickers are there; that is no coincidence Yuji horii be a part of gratitude. As we said a year ago, “the problem was never that the genre was obsolete, but that there was a lack of talent to keep the level up.”

The journey Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of a Lost Ireland It has been extended since 2018. While the original game gathered all the positive elements we revealed in its Review, Square Enix launched its special year a year later Directors Short, this time exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The ‘S’ that accompanies the title performed the same function as eating a mushroom in Super Mario Bros. Increase, increase and strengthen a game that has already been one of the pillars of the genre for the past decade. 12 months later the circle is closed. PS4, Xbox One and PC get their own Definitive Edition, which carries the accompanying launch accessories on the Kyoto console.

Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition PS4 Xbox One PC review

The Eternal Journey of the Hero

There are many reasons we recommend going through. Immortality designs Akira toriyama they paint a canvas that shines in every way. Our colleague Sergio Melero, author of the original Review, correctly explained what this eleven installment is: “If we had to describe Dragon Quest XI in a concise way, we would classify it as a role-playing game with some high adventure, where there would be combat, exploration. , solving secondary missions and enjoying small (but addictive) mini-games is a fun and above all fun set, with a classic fragrance enhanced by a new generation audio-visual presentation ”.

You get a familiar feeling when you take the controls. It is none other than throw the epic of yourself into the unknown, of the repeated delivery of materials after delivery and continues to operate more than 30 years later. Dragon Quest is proof that it is faithful to stay in your roots, even after some technological leaps along the way. You visit cities like Gondolia and understand the personality that one of the parents of the JRPG follows.

Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition PS4 Xbox One PC review

We talked at the beginning of Yuji Horii, about his (crucial) role in the growth of the industry. His chain hand directs decisions that are not noticed by the player, but give meaning to a factory of moments to remember. Horii raises our hand unknowingly. “The secret: a very different structure with a balance between the moments of the opponent, those of recreation, those of management, those who are calmly enjoying the culture of the place, and those of pain in the most difficult moments against the imaginary ultimate enemies “Melero said. Backed by Takeshi Uchikawa, when you see the credits you understand what the reasons all suggest.

The virtues of this delivery go beyond what the brand has always given us. As if that wasn’t enough, in this concurrent Dragon Quest XI “One of the best stories about the saga”. He does it through a special protagonist group, with which he is very easy to empathize with. Servando, Jade, Erik, Veronica, Serena … are friends in the end. Could the dungeons bring more of themselves? Undoubtedly, perhaps the negative point on which we all agree. Stain not dirty more than 80 hours of talent and love for the role of Japanese.

Definitive edition, compelling reasons

Part of the community is a special arrival with the arrival of the Definitive Edition of Dragon Quest XI on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If we look at the Microsoft Universe, we had to wait almost 20 years watch first on Xbox a piece of the long history of the saga. On the other hand, as of December 1, it will coincide with the first weeks of it PS5 and Xbox X Series S. in the market. While it doesn’t have a version dedicated to taking advantage of next-generation hardware, the game can be played perfectly on them by backward compatibility. It will do so by making the model improvements premium of both consoles, at least for Xbox Series X. This means you will experience it at 60 images per second, among other improvements.

Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition PS4 Xbox One PC review

The first thing we need to take into account is its nature. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of Post-Lost – Definitive Edition a port straight from the one that came to us on Nintendo Switch, as identified by the company during its disclosure. We’re simple: it lost graphic muscle compared to the original 2018 release. The sets are less crowded, the vegetation is less dense, the models have lost detail and the shadows create artifacts due to its low resolution. Six popping it’s still as loaded as Nintendo’s hybrid; you will see the characters suddenly appear at medium distances. However the increase casting (and redefined to 4K) it presents a sharper screen than the original one, as well as doubling the frame on the consoles discussed (limited to 30fps on the original models).

The other of the additions, which have been largely successful, are visual disagreements. Salvador Fernàndez, our editorial coordinator and author of the Review of the S version of Nintendo Switch, confirmed that the plots are placed in each character “They work at magazine level”; yes, “some more and some less.” We are talking about individual parts of play that are between 40 minutes and 1 hour in length, placed in a critical incident part of the base game, presented two years ago with a time jump in which it left more questions than answers for us. And in play material they do not give the feeling that they are at the same height as the rest of the moments.

Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition PS4 Xbox One PC review

This irregularity is in contrast to presence Cronolinos, people who will prevail over us, speaking in money other Dragon Quests sites are entirely 2D. They serve as side quests built into the same main way, and expand the plot with new stories as we try to resolve the conflicts in these kingdoms. Veterans will recognize many of the most relevant installments in their history. You will want to get more passwords to exchange with the Cronolinos scattered throughout Erdrea. It collides as comfortably and organically as the two-dimensional method. We will be given the opportunity to choose the perspective at the beginning of the game; if we choose in 3D, we can change whenever we want to do 2D in the churches, which is a point of safety. The alternate slot change will save us and we will not be able to continue the game from where we are.

On the other hand, The number of improvements in quality of life reinforces the causes why prioritize the Definitive Edition. Fighting, for example, lets you choose between three speeds, its farming and animation transfer speeds greatly increased. Or use the Forge anywhere, which will allow you to create and improve your team when you have the needs. We can not ignore the orchestral soundtrack, which enriches and adds nuances to unpublished and classical songs. You will be able to select Japanese dubbing from the settings menu, which is always appreciated.

Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition PS4 Xbox One PC review


Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of Post-Lost – A Definitive Edition is up to its name. The ideal starting point (and coming together) is a title that is part of the franchise’s history. The reasons are well known: this is one of the interactive examples that shows that the traditional JRPG still has its place at the gates of 2021. This definitive edition loses graphic muscle compared to the original one on PS4 and PC, but reinforces it’s with in-game additions that enrich the whole, like the missions and challenges in 2D. On the premium models of PS4 and Xbox One, it can play at 60 images per second, compared to 30 limited in the basic ones. Even if it doesn’t have a dedicated port, you can enjoy the benefits of this version thanks to the backward compatibility of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. It celebrates a special occasion on the Xbox calendar by becoming the first title in the series to debut with the Microsoft console. It is an essential title for all lovers of the genre and for those who want to find a special, different game that survives the great classics of yesterday.

THE BEST _____

  • The Dragon Quest XI is the one you hit in 2018, enhanced with additions to enrich the adventure.
  • Solid usability, interactive illustration inhabited by a traditional JRPG.
  • Which brings the cronolinos, a nostalgic journey through the realms of classic deliveries.
  • Improved performance on premium PS4 and Xbox One models; the new generation takes advantage of this through backward compatibility.
  • Japanese dubbing, multiple quality of life improvements, and orchestral soundtrack.
  • The saga finally comes to Xbox.


  • The dunes seem too simplistic, inherited from the original.
  • It has lost graphic muscle compared to the original one on PS4 and PC.

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