DOOM Eternal, Review. Hell On Earth


We review the Eternal DOOM campaign for PC, PS4, Xbox One. Ravaging and bare heir, worthy of his name.

If there was one hundred – person shooter for this ending, that title would probably be Eternal Doom. And only Serve 2016 and maybe Wolfenstein 2 would have a shadow. That’s as good as the new title from iD Software, a company that already surprised us against all dangers 4 years ago and that’s it now, with all the lights pointing in his direction, not disappointing at all. The freshness of its predecessor is not perpetual but it is so excellent to accomplish that it mocks the competition and establishes a new yardstick, new benchmark in a genre as hackney as CCT. It is unique, it confuses a lot of personality, it is in great demand and it offers as much as we are asked. It’s not perfect, it has some ups and downs, just the jewel that distributes us Bethesda Soft Works It surpasses the expectations generated, which were very few.

It’s hard to find the angle to start breaking down the reasons Eternal Doom works. And it’s not fun because it has a unique feature that stands out among other more diverse divisions; the whole, the whole, is sensational. It is very well controlled, technically it is always great, it is designed to the millimeter. Just because when you get into a good car you immediately feel like you are in a good vehicle, just a few minutes of departure is not enough to realize that you are facing a high-end title. of deposit. A game that gradually invites the player towards his world, towards his unique and wonderful way of understanding CCT, to learn to travel from beginning to end. Because it never stops teaching you things, because it is always adding a new twist and despite being one of the longest running campaigns in the genre, it manages to stay fresh to the end. It is not short and it becomes short. Like when you like a company like that time seems to go by faster. This is Eternal Doom.

doom eternal review pc ps4 xbox one

Old but original formula

The most striking and already stood out thing in the last installment is how well it is programmed. We’re so used to adapting titles that have minor personalities or problems when it comes to a game that manages so well we understand the extent to which we’ve lowered our level of demand for the rest. Bet Eternal Doom, which is just a 3-dimensional fight, with a huge number of jerseys, dashes, slow motion … in which it is incredible to be able to stay upright, requires a lot of precision in charge. And we were particularly pleased in this part, to push the mobility of our main characters from one side of the screen to the other and to always have the feeling that the fault is exclusively of any error, no death.

The IS maps where most of the games take place are specifically designed for that purpose and the game gives advance warning before they take place. It will always be a closed area and there will generally be transport portals and some jump tunnels that will allow us to change locations quickly and cannot be used by the demons. The design seemed great to us because they are not simple locations to fight wave after wave but require them to understand how to take advantage against the enemies being fought and add new perspectives and angles to attack them.

doom eternal review pc ps4 xbox one

A corner is almost always synonymous with resetting the save point because the fatality is even high at medium or low difficulty levels. Since the level of exigency in combat is very high, the game mixes contacts with areas where exploration is a priority and even some platforms. Most of the time we need to explore ourselves outside the main route, we will be rewarded: collectibles, soundtracks, tricks, toys… The oldest fans in the saga quickly become popular.

Death is something the player must experience if they want to enjoy Serve; unlike many other titles in the genre, which are played at medium and long distances, Eternal is played primarily in the medium and short. The IS ammunition this is achieved by splitting enemies in melee in half, life is achieved by executing enemies in melee, the armor regenerates by attacking enemies we also burn in melee. This suggests a very particular way to play the enemies are deadly when they are close … but at the same time we have to be close to survive.

Gunplay: house brand shooting

We will always have the sense to be in a kind of demonic dance, about a constant swing in which we shoot, execute, move away, shoot a little more, secure death with an electric saw … Dance, yes, but with shotguns and in accompanied by a very metallic soundtrack that perfectly focuses on the tone of the opponent and prevents us from letting our guard down for even seconds.

doom eternal review pc ps4 xbox one

If control is one of the fundamental pillars of the success of the game, the so-called “gunplay” is another of them. All the weapons, some new and some of a new kind, are masterfully designed; In addition, most have modifiers that we can change on the fly and completely change their behavior in combat. Because the enemies are very diverse and the ammunition is limited – and the only way to regenerate it is by taking a risk and getting into it thickly – it is very common to change weapons again and again during contact, although it is logical that each player develops their Favorites. And here you have to choose everyone: shotgunsrifles machine guns of all kinds and many other surprises that we will not reveal so that you do not cut off the experience of discovering them for yourself.

The progression system in Eternal Doom is very dynamic; As the story progresses – which it has and is more complex than usual – not only will we be getting new tools of destruction and gaining more individual expertise to use them to their fullest beauty. , but we will be able to improve our skills in endless ways. diverse. These weapons can be improved, yes, but also our statistics, our costumes, our abilities … But in spite of everything, Serve never puts us ahead of the challenge that we are to get in the next mission; We are never completely over the competition until death can happen again if we are not careful if we revisit any of the first missions. Eternal Doom is one of those games that can’t be played lying on the couch or back of the chair, it’s one of those titles that unknowingly turns its back on you because it needs your attention. the first mission last.

doom eternal review pc ps4 xbox one

Just when we think we are doing well, the game introduces a new version that will make us suffer. It usually does so in the form of a new enemy that we initially see as an impossible exaggeration and later incorporates it into future waves as if it were nothing. This is a slightly misused formula but there are many variations that we always find freshness. Some designs enemies they are ok and the player needs good repetitive ability and there are others to annoy them. Except in a few very specific cases, the mix seemed to us to have the right title and reach an acceptable level of challenge.

The deserves separate comment confidential contacts, which have a time limit, and the special sites – 6 scattered throughout the campaign – whose demand is higher. Once, after several attempts stuck in the last one, it was enough to go back to bed and “sleep the lesson” to learn it: the next day and after thinking in advance about how to settle the game over our mechanical ability, the sand fell on the first try. And that’s a good sign: the game requires some learning but it’s much more enjoyable if you grant what you ask for.

doom eternal review pc ps4 xbox one

While Eternal Doom does not preclude this, it is recommended to start in a difficulty method affordable to understand the basics; Fortunately we are facing a very reusable title because the experience is exciting and allows us to add certain modifiers to make it more of a challenge, in the style of what Devil May does Cry usually. In this sense, we are sure that the title will age very well, in the same way Serve 2016 You have not noticed this 4 year event.

Fields between battles

If we are connected to the internet and our Bethesda account is linked, we can enjoy advances in battle pass style that will give us cosmetic rewards, new more complex maps, challenges and so-called “Invasion Mode” that we failed to prove, at the time of writing this review. There are a thousand ways to personalize our character and we are sure that collectors will enjoy the best of squeezing all the juice inside.

doom eternal review

Some of the few difficulties found in the game, however, occur during transitions between incidents; go ahead we are spinning fine here but obviously when there is no combat in the game, it is not on the same level. There is a reason for this: it would be impossible to maintain the same level of tension at all times and these moments are exploited so that the player lies dynamically without the need for a pause. Even much lighter games like the Uncharted saga mix the shooting stages, which already have a very low level of demand, and lighter moments returning to the tension later after the plot is advanced.

During a mission in Eom Doom will games 5-7 at most “Large” plus some optional ones; the rest will be terraces or even sometimes looking for a less obvious exit in a room, or solving a puzzle with very light time. They fulfill their function of changing the rhythm, yes, but without many exceptions they do not touch the same level of excellence. The place where the collectibles are hidden, and we’ve discovered them all, it’s done in a very creative way and they also help diversify our time within the game.

CHUN graphic level the title also looks great; the design of the maps, in general, is fantastic and we seem to like the color palette used as well. The amount of detail is overwhelming and while beauty is a very personal thing, she has managed to portray that demonic atmosphere so intimate for the saga and at the same time it is very pleasing to the eye. Undoubtedly the situation is completely static and sympathetic to our weapons and in the most stressful moments the game reduces some frames from the 60s where it stays there almost all the time, on all platforms. Tour Aon X. the title upgrades 4K and if we have a TV with HDR the truth is that it shows. And, of course, a soundtrack that doesn’t have legendary themes but brings that classic personality from the DOOM label.

Note to reader: This Review is limited to the Doom Eternal campaign experience. At the time of writing this review, the servers of the competitive “Battlemode” multiplayer mode have not been active and will, in principle, be when the game is officially released. That is why there is no reference to this method in our text).


Bethesda Softworks has brought together the 3 most important shooters of recent years under its seal: Doom 2016, Wolfenstein 2 and Doom Eternal. There are others and good people on the market, no doubt, but none of them get the adrenaline buck that is Eternal death dance. Neither of them matches ID Software’s latest gem color and light show and its tons of on-screen enemies in 6 different sizes. Neither of them overcomes the pleasure of jumping into an enemy and striking him in the face with a superhero. When Eternal Doom does what he knows, no one coughs at him. When Eternal Doom is at its peak … it is a masterclass, a mirror in which all prospective shooters should reflect and reference to the genre and industry. And, why not say so, kick in the door for the nomination for best action game in the end – of – year classic awards. A title to consider for any fan of first-person shooters.

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