Detective Darkside: Fumble In The Dark; Computer Review. Supernatural Graphic Adventure


We analyze Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark, a great detective graphic adventure that mixes the supernatural with the sharpest and most fun comedy.

Synergy, or the fact that the whole is far more than the sum of its parts. Detective Darkside, a graphic adventure launched in 2017, it didn’t have the best graphics or great puzzles nor did it tell us a complex story full of simple moments. While it didn’t stand out at all, users had a evaluation of the game on Steam (one of the most reliable thermometers for knowing title quality) “Extremely positive” until not long ago, standing at “Very Positive” today. In fact, the overall calculation of the title was much higher than what a separate Review of the parts it originally created would suggest. If it is also a title very entertaining, of those who are played with laughter from ear to ear from beginning to end, full of numerous references and gags and showing pleasing humor, it is no surprise that the critics and players put it as one of the great graphic adventures in recent years.

In this house we are strongly in love with the first season of Detective Darkside, which is why the release date of this one was marked in red on the calendar continue to look forward to. And from now on, we confirm that this new episode is the craziest pair of paranormal investigators in the video game conquered us again, and we liked it as much or more than the first. Is too much continuous, Yes. Still a very light adventure game, with not too complex puzzles that do not stand out for their nobility or originality. And it’s still a title that’s not technically far ahead, to the point that its main characters don’t even have scrolling animation. But we really don’t care.

The last line of defense against the afterlife … is humor.

And it is that we are facing a graphic adventure hilarious, which he really enjoys and has that “nosequé” that was at yesterday ‘s events. a a combination of the paranormal with the most sarcastic and naive humor we still love it. His main partner is still very big charismatic, and it leaves us dozens of people funny dialogue which means that the smile we play with does not destroy until we finish it. The puzzles are a bit more complex and require more deduction than the first one, but they are not yet difficult and we rarely get stuck with them, since it is generally satisfying. That is why we are facing a An ideal graphic adventure to start in the genre, despite also having many advantages to attract the most veteran. Available on PC ecosystems (Steam and GOG), Stadia, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation and Xbox, We can’t recommend if you don’t like this gem and the first part if you haven’t already done so. And we haven’t enjoyed the fusion of the paranormal with so much humor since in the 80s 4 crazy people started hunting ghosts with proton beams …

While the events of this second season begin just at the end of what was before, You don’t have to play with it to do this (although we do it again, do it because you really enjoy it). Our protagonists are the fearless Detective Francis McQueen, and his inseparable partner Agent Dooley (present in the body but memory is rare …). Both create the Dark Division, the hand of the local police forces responsible for dealing with supernatural threats and the like. In a city like Double lakes (references begin …) where the line between this world and the afterlife is not right, as follows, the paranormal is usually part of the daily life of its citizens. In the first season of the series, our couple had to solve 6 scenarios, plus 3 more, where they faced creatures from the other side, curses and very angry ancient gods among many other threats from the spiritual plane and the afterlife. , always from the prism of the funniest and funniest comedy. At the end of the sixth episode, Agent Dooley was imprisoned in the Dark Dimension, and precisely it is the mission that we begin this second season bring it back.

Detective Darkside: Fumble in the Dark; Computer Review. Supernatural Graphic Adventure

After a brief introduction in which these events are told to us for fear that we would not live, the first of the 6 cases are now coming together this season. This will be the longest in a long time, and he will visit us in various places in the city to retrieve our partner. The 4 cases are as follows independent storiesDisconnected situations that our couple must resolve, always with the common connection of the supernatural as the engine of the plot. The sixth and final chapter reconnects with the first one that closed the season. In the episode selection menu you can see the seventh case, which is not yet available, so it is assumed that the same thing will happen this time as it did in the first season, where they were released. 3 cases for seniors, completely free, where the game expanded.

The storytelling is not complicated at all nor does it seek to be an epic of cosmic proportions, and it bases all its strength on the the charisma of his main partner, the massive humor that evokes the whole episode and some hilarious dialogue full of the best acidic humor. All convenient seasonal countless references to community culture, movies, series, video games and comics are constantly present throughout the game. And the truth is, the fusion of the supernatural works with the funniest comedy works wonderfully and is one of the main hallmarks of this great saga. The episode lasts between 8 and 10 hours, and despite the fact that he sighs as much as he pleases, it makes us unhappy with how well he allows us to pass. And as we have already mentioned, we will have some older cases, hopefully it will be completely free in the same way as it was in the first season.

Fight the paranormal by clicking

Usable, we are facing a a traditional adventure game, which establishes its development on the normal fardail puzzles, where you will need to look for a set of objects in the scenarios to use them in the appropriate places and elements. As a strange note, we will not be able to displace our main charactersas they do not have motion animation. The screens are static, and we swap between them by clicking on the icon in the relevant corner that communicates with the next screen. By moving the cursor around the stage, we will collect objects, interact with them or engage in conversations with characters, but always without the need to move the main characters from where they are in each case. If there is any interactive element, its name will be highlighted on the screen when you go over it to let us know.

Detective Darkside: Fumble in the Dark; Computer Review. Supernatural Graphic Adventure

Older, will simple small parts with logic puzzles and some small minigames, to give some variety to the development. As we have already said, The bar has been raised slightly when it comes to the size, difficulty and complexity of the puzzles compared to the first season, but the level is still pulling low, so we rarely get really stuck. It will be necessary to bring some paws and be attentive to all the elements on the screen. We really liked the way the main character’s own views give us subtle tips while trying things out, in a veiled and intelligent way. This is why we are facing a graphic adventure ideal for getting close to the genre for the first time. The puzzles are not too complicated, they are logical (almost always) and generally very satisfying. It is true that they may be simple and lack a spark for the most veteran adventurers, but the game also has other advantages to make the experience satisfying for them as well.

There are a correct Spanish translation, so the language will not be a barrier to its full enjoyment. It’s not easy to achieve, but this series has that special touch that makes it a great pleasure to play. We also love graphic adventures that are more challenging, but it’s true that you want to play something like that many times, lighter, with a perfect balance between the challenge it puts on you and the rhythm of the adventure so that you can always enjoy it without the process of walking or without making unnecessary traffic jams. If all this is packed with the naive, the funny humor, and the best supernatural threats, the better, the better.

Detective Darkside: Fumble in the Dark; Computer Review. Supernatural Graphic Adventure

While there is little progress and some improvement to be noted, A Fumble in The Dark follows the main lines of its predecessor. And the truth is that we love it. a pixel art graphics are minimal, but according to artistic direction, color palette and even lighting, it succeeds a very attractive result, and above all in line with the personality of the game. The designs reinforce the funny tone of the adventure, and the stage is charming. Even the characters without scrolling animation cannot be deprived of great visual artwork. We will also visit a good variety of environments, from an Irish castle to a strange and magical fair, passing through more distant places, and the graphic artists have done an excellent job in recreating these environments, and I was delighted to visit them.

In the audio part, the fact that the characters have no voices It is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we are thrilled to imagine those humorous dialogues in our heads giving the characters a voice. But on the other hand, we want to have suitable actors for everyone’s personality to give them a voice and reinforce those personalities. We think the budget is not enough for more, but the truth is that the dubbing work is lost. The soundtrack performs its function without any exaggeration, retrieving melodies from the first installment and adding some more, doing a good job of accompaniment when necessary but without monopolizing any prominence.

Detective Darkside: Fumble in the Dark; Computer Review. Supernatural Graphic Adventure

The magic of pixel art

Detective Darkside: Fumble in the Dark; Computer Review. Supernatural Graphic Adventure


Detective Darkside: A Fumble in the Dark is a graphic adventure that we love. It’s completely consistent with its predecessor, but what worked there continues to work great here. The wonderful combination of supernatural themes with the sharpest and sharpest humor is and is the main hallmark. While there are more puzzles and they are a bit more complex than they were in the first part, the difficulty is still below average for the genre, though not a walkthrough at all. So we face a light graphic adventure enjoyed with laughter from ear to ear from start to finish. Their charismatic couple, funny dialogue and crazy video game situations make us, very fit to enter the genre for the first time and that is sure to make us some very entertaining hours. It has a bit of ambition, but it is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable choices in the genre, just like its first part. And we are very pleased that no one should be threatened with terrible threats from elsewhere in the company of Inspector McQueen and Agent Dooley, with the sharpest humor as their main weapon.

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