Dead Or School, Review


We analyze the console conversion of this metroidvania short title located in a future post apocalyptic post and a woman, Hisako, of a main character

Many doujin titles, a term applied to games made by small studios and manganese fans in Japan, who have been overcoming the computer barrier in recent years to make the jump to consoles, are a clear example of this the Touhou series whose recent titles were Gensou Rondo, Touhou Kabuto V or Azure Reflections, based on the popular Shanghai Team Shanghai series characters and various game proposals, as the first two fighting games and the last is a side scrub shoot’em.

Today the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch version of Studio Nanafushi’s first work, Dead or School, is a metroidvania cut-out title with an RPG removal in which the player takes his main character, Hisako, for several stages in fight different types of enemies and bosses in a location located in post-apocalyptic Japan.

The story of the game begins with a retrospective in which a mysterious virus It has infected the Japanese population, turning many mutants of its inhabitants. The people decided to fight this threat by fighting against them and using all available resources, but failed. To avoid extinction, they decided to limit themselves to the the depth of the earth, creating secure places where people could continue their lives far from the threats that were overwhelmed on the surface. Run 78 years Since then, and new generations of young people have begun to want to see the outside world. These include Hisako, a young woman with red hair, who, after rescuing her asylum companions from a mutant ambush, decides to find a way to get out into the outside world. With the support of her grandmother, who gives a school uniform, begin her journey and help her find various characters that will help her fulfill her purpose, rescue survivors and confront various creatures with a view to restoring freedom to mankind, discovering the causes of the a situation that caused the conflict.

The game is developed through several stages, each of which is related to one stop for the Tokyo subway, in which Hisako has to explore the map to meet the objectives that will allow him to advance in the story, as he tries to make his way through enemies come of different types They range from simple mutations to others with elemental or high-speed qualities and other types of abominations when dealing with bosses of magnificent size and power at the end of each level. In the meantime you can conduct a different investigation points of interest which will mark the two survivors for rescue, memories of the ancient world or a hidden chest that will provide money and extra materials and weapons at an even higher level.

Dead or School, Review

Hisako will be able to equip three different types of weapons engage, be able to switch between them by pressing the buttons on the digital intersection or toggle them with the L1 and R1 buttons. First there is the edge weapons They cover different types of swords, broadleafs, axes and other sharp weapons, which have different offensive power and are throwing their main bug, allowing them to continue to use only at zero. very reduced efficiency. Then there are the Firearms, including from machine guns to precision rifles, shotguns and many more that depend primarily on the ammunition they allow to carry, as well as needing am recharge after emptying the magazine. Eventually the launchers including weapons that allow missiles or grenades to be launched and whose attack power is much higher but at the expense of heavily reduced ammunition and also require reload time for each unit. During the game you can find weapons through the option to buy in the save menu, which offers the purchase of both these accessories and accessories to equip them though less frequent alternative productsBy eliminating enemies or opening boxes, some of them may include skill enhancement skills or parameters that make combat easier.

Three choices Customize from the save menu you can use reinforcing materials, in exchange for a game’s sum of money, that improve attack power weapons and their level, which can reach a maximum of ten. They can also be used modification materials be able to apply certain active capabilities in the military that are likely to have certain advantages to the fight, such as improving attack power, improving critics or invoking an opponent drone. Both types of materials are found in combat from enemies and chests. You can use the accessories for each weapon, each carrying a maximum of two, and affecting aspects such as power of attack, ammunition (for firearms), durability (for white weapons), feed, critical, stamina and speed, each one at a different level, which affects a specific quality, such as increasing the speed of reloading or luck to finding rare enemies, and adding in turn active skills by equipping them. In this regard, it is worth noting the total weight that Hisako can carry since the weapons and their respective accessories will carry a certain weight if it exceeds the maximum it will prevent attacks until the level drops.

When fighting Hisako you can use the weaponry by pressing the trigger R2, for normal attacks, and L2, for powerful attacks, consuming part of the energy bar in the process, whether to achieve zero it will prevent the use of offensive moves until it cuts again over time. For firearms and launchers it will be expressed through a retina with a trajectory line, which can be deactivated in the options menu, and controlled by the right stick controller, be able to focus on movement or static posture, even having the choice aim down for greater accuracy. Alternatives to this feature include the be able to memorize the last position It aims to facilitate shooting. Hisako’s other additional moves include the sprinting power, the L1 push, and the Dodge, with the circle button, the latter of particular importance as you make this movement and the enemy at special attack you can a moment of time-slowing, or bullet time, thus leaving enemies at the mercy of attacks.

Dead or School, Review

Choice is another important element skill tree, Skill Tree in the game. Through the battles Hisako will gain experience that will allow him to level and improve his parameters, including level of life, energy crops, total weight, etc., while winning skill points do not invest in this option. In total there will be three trees available each referring to a specific type of weapon with different capabilities with one or more boxes to mark. There is a wide range of skills acquire new movements to improve Hisako’s combat capabilities and parameters, achieved with each point spent improving its combat performance or its efficiency percentage. Finally, by optimizing certain skills, new skills can be unlocked.

There are various rooms in each stage for inspection after the Map this will be available in the upper right part of the screen, which marks the access to each room and the main objectives, limited by an exclamation icon, or save points among other things. Apart from the battles against the various mutations and others that come to light repeatedly, Hisako will have to make progress using your skills going from jumping platforms, running at high speed to avoiding or even chasing obstacles enemies come be able to unblock the passage to a key. It should be noted that it will offer a different style when searching for souvenirs and survivors as sometimes you will have to overcome some small puzzle style steps or others who demand a certain skill Hisako to maneuver in various challenges, including some strange point overcome various battles in an arcade fighting game. Finally, if Hisako is routed in rank, the finished game screen will appear, but you can fight again starting from the initial save point, where you can use the option to teleport to any of the other points you have unlocked, but lose some of the total money earned.

Dead or School, Review

At the end of each phase, the plot will continue novel visual cutting sequences after that the control to control Hisako will take place in the train with which he will be able to move through the various stages of the game. Here you will have access to talk to the rescued characters During the game, be able to the found souvenirs, talk to Yurika that reset the skill tree or save the game, as well as access the map to return to the previous steps or continue the game directly. The choice to fight in the virtual reality simulator be able to face the bosses again in various battles, some of which will allow you to receive additional rewards, such as skill points, increased life points or money, among other things.

In the playable element the title can be said just entertaining. It’s his combat system simple but effective, standing out for the possibility of changing weapons in the middle of an opponent to face different situations and different enemies, including different types of mutants, monsters and different bosses. At certain times you can be a little tedious when there is progress there is combat at various stages, defined by bars that limit the number of enemies to be chased to overcome, but are compensated in the long run different development through sections of platform steps and other challenges along the path of Hisako. Offer every step different designs and styles, some of them including some real places like the Budokan Nippon, with a different name, or the streets of Akihabara, though with spoiled and abandoned designs. As for the plot, it’s arguably the typical story to read in a manga series without taking too many precautions.

Dead or School, Review

In terms of graphics, the style of the game mixes 3D Cases as well as some similar models for some monsters and bosses to others of 2D puppet style cut, as is the case with Hisako and some enemy mutants. The designs presented by each section are colorful, although the 3D modeling and locations may be small. a little simple. On the other hand, the game develops conversational sequences of a novel visual style with illustrations of characters with different expressions depending on the event.

In terms of sound, the game features a soundtrack with pieces of different styles, from rock-themed themes to more techno-style ones and some that decorate a certain epic air. Generally don’t stand out any more but if so some of which are interesting to hear during the game. The game’s dub barely contains a few voices at the beginning of the game that are later reduced to Hisako’s expressions during the game for certain moments such as reloading or damaging the weapon, all inside Japanese language.

Dead or School, Review


Dead or School does not present an excellent technical section or gameplay that breaks the mold, but in practice it is a title that fulfills its purpose of offering an entertaining proposal in the metroidvania genre. His combat system is effective because of the possibilities presented by each weapon and its combination with Hisako movements to exploit enemies’ weak points, while combining platforms and other skill-demanding ones provides something variety, though its plot is generic and of little interest to the development. Its flaws include the language of the texts and that it may be repetitive at certain times as it progresses.

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