Days Gone On A Computer: Review. Driving To Sunset


The last chance of the “covered” of PS4. Is the post-apocalyptic sandbox lying in the PC universe?

When we open Days Gone on PC, the first thing we see is a little animation of the playstation studios logo. An image we never think of on our platform without the use of an emulator but which is becoming increasingly popular. Since the launch of Horizon: The successful launch of Death Stranding by Zero Dawn and Kojima Productions along with 505 Games, the Japanese company seems to be finally looking at the PC as a viable option. In the case of Horizon, Guerrilla was not in charge of making the conversion (although it solved most of the problems with it) but out of this Bend Studio, the creators of Days are goneThey were also the ones who brought it to a computer.

This is a game that once came out countless technical problems, visual and play defects, etc. A game that now gets a new chance after some inflammatory remarks from one of the big minds behind the project, after suffering the humiliation of being denied a sequel, to show the world the best version of it. of the title or we will receive another disappointment awaiting a hundred patches as Horizon?

Days Gone on a Computer: Review. Driving to sunset

Oregon Green

Our first pleasant surprise comes with the port open the graphical options menu. Practically all the options we want to have are available, from increasing or decreasing our field of view, rendering quality, lighting quality, shadows, etc. All pretty common today but always nice to see. Another thing that is more niche is the HDR options that we failed to test because we don’t have a monitor with the technology but they seem to be better than those in most PC titles where this feature is noticed and not it is widely used. As major absences it is worth mentioning that neither of the two important RTX, DLSS 2.1 or Ray Tracing technologies are available in the title at the time of its launch. Yes, we have seen how DLSS is added to many games after its launch and since this is easy to implement in the game’s graphics engine (Unreal Engine) we hope it’s a matter of time before we can make our frames increase thanks to the magic of the AI.

Talking about it game engine, there is no doubt that this is one of the great assets of Bend Studios while converting the title to a computer. Although Thread of death Y. Horizon: Zero Dawn Developed in the engine Tenth it was not designed to come out of a Sony console, Unrealistic Engine It is one of the leading multi-platform engines and thus has all possible facilities for transferring the title. So we get an open world that drips especially on a PC, more so thanks to textures and lighting that are vastly improved compared to the console version. Not only that but we found the game to be particularly fluent in its performance, comparable even to large PC versions such as Serve Eternally.

Days Gone on a Computer: Review. Driving to sunset

These small improvements make the game great visual scene, a particular reference to the textures of the trees which have overwhelming details and whose different types of model give the forests a visual diversity. Due to the new and improved lighting driving our motorcycle through a tunnel is a great experience and generally enhances the atmosphere of the game. But above all we appreciate his fluency, especially on a platform used to open up a world since Ubisoft barely manages to achieve a steady 60 FPS. Here, however, we don’t go below the popular 100 FPS or with hundreds of zombies on screen and all the graphic options as far as possible, this is a testament to a team that has learned to take advantage of Seriously Unrealistic Engine from the first release of Days Gone on PS4.

Every effort has been made to allow for the most complete customization of ours keyboard and mouse controls, which many console versions and even native computer games ignore. So, for example, we can assign a button to “hold to crouch” and a different one to “press to crouch”, an option that we should henceforth punish any other game for not having. While playing, however, we found another small problem with the controls, and the biggest problem is that too many times the game decides to take control of our camera. We don’t know exactly what causes this but it is very annoying when we are riding our motorcycle and the game decides that we should not look towards the road. It’s not a critical problem at all, but she’s tormented and happens regularly to mention it. We also got it irregularities with the roof system and parts of the interface may be better adapted to a computer, see the constant need to keep a button pressed to proceed in the menus.

Stumbling, minor

The audio feature includes options to configure with the device we listen to the game and the option to adjust the various sound levels, basically all the necessary options. All different aspects of this conversion have generally been treated appropriately and may indicate that Bend saw this conversion as a last chance to show the game why it needs more Gone Days. That is the result Gone are the days when this game was joking about its countless bugs and technical problems. The problems with the current Gone Days are identity and design, all dentists already have a polished surface.

Days Gone on a Computer: Review. Driving to sunset
Days Gone on a Computer: Review. Driving to sunset


Days Gone on PC is the definitive version of what is already considered a cult title within the broad framework of Playstation-funded titles. It does not fix the most fundamental problems of the title but is able to reflect the core vision of its creators. A good amount of added content after the launch of the game such as combat challenges or new difficulties is already included in the package, making the value proposition quite attractive. If you are not yet tired of zombies and open world, you should try this adventure, now more than ever.

THE BEST _____

  • State-of-the-art optimization
  • Most of the problems of the original issue have been solved
  • Sound technical
  • Pay attention to convert details to PC


  • The original game problems still exist
  • He often takes control of the camera, interrupting the action


Very good

A game with a great finish that we will enjoy and remember. A good purchase, highly recommended for lovers of the genre. He is well cared for at every level.

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