Crysis Remodeling, Switch Review


We analyze the mythical Crisis in its Remastered version for Nintendo Switch. Does the 2020 man keep the game that was at the forefront of 2007 technology?

“Crysis Flight Simulator 2020 is ours.” With some variation, this phrase has been read in many places about the modern Microsoft exclusive simulator. When they draw you, glory of the past, to define the greatness of today, it is so you left a significant mark in history. It is common to find something like this in genres. As in the literature, Kafkaesque defines worlds absurdly drowned by the bureaucracy, or Lynchiano, Buñuelesco and Felliniano make collections, reinterpretation, revelations in cinema of very personal authors obsessions about another look, in the video game we already get examples from the classic own. metroidvania to the more contemporary Soulslike. They are names, concepts, approaches, ways of doing things marked so much in their time that they later created lines of influence. It also happens in technology, as it is today. Let’s finish this mess of references with one more.

The Dark Side of the Moon hit the airwaves and hit record stores in 1973. The Pink Floyd album starring Alan Parson was so great when the group released The Wall in 1979, it was still there. in the top 100. The album was very good, but there was something else. Its specific perfection was so great that there were people who bought it to check the quality of its stereo. That particular excellence earned him a second life when the CD came out (there was a factory in Germany that only made that record) and changes that made him mix to take advantage of 5.1 audio equipment (remember Floyd’s square sound, effect subsequently standardized sound courtyard in the best cinema and home equipment). Why are we talking about this? To this day, it is said that there is no PC that runs Flight Simulator 2020 as it should in resolution and fps. It happened to Crysis in 2007. It was a brown animal that put in a lot to test their powerful newly purchased equipment. Crysis was the benchmark for measuring the Master Race. And next comes the main question. The Dark Side of the Moon at the present time was remarkable for the quality of its material. Can we say the same for Crysis?

The egg, chicken and toaster

Crytek, a German company founded at the end of the last century by three Turkish brothers, the Yerli, gave the user great recognition and respect thanks to its games, but at the industry level it was out of its engine CryEngine. In fact, we could say that the games were subject to a technological demonstration, which was in the chicken before the egg. In 2000 they faded with a demo of the engine that would become a full in-game title in 2004: Far Cry. The second version, CryEngine2, repeatedly created an attractive and versatile jungle island environment but with a different plot. It would be a Crysis, which would be released three years later. The games provided the best publicity for the technology developed by Crytek. This was not limited to showing muscle with technical demonstration, it did it with complete solvency in full games that everyone could enjoy (with a good computer). From here we will ignore the rest of the company’s history, which was very well advanced but which is not what this text is about.

However, there was Crysis, the great game that made computers suffer at the time a typical B movie script.. As if Predator was pregnant with many millions of other budgets in his filming. As in Schwarzenegger’s love movie, a rescue mission by an elite team in the remote territory of the jungle turns the action upside down while the scifi plays with deadly aliens. Which was an unexpectedly crazy twist, late in the footage, for a 1987 movie audience, Crysis was spoiled because the bugs had already been revealed in the first half hour of play. They didn’t take the upper hand until the final third, but their punch was diluted an hour ago the clerk story used. The dialogue lines were not to shoot rockets either (“We have no guarantee that this will work!”, One of the ascending military commanders who wants to use heavy weapons against the bugs . toaster ”, the man answers gloomily), but hey! here we came to freak out with the packaging. What if, Wrapping paper, which is so advanced in its time, is enjoyed even today. It ‘s still interesting to see how physics thrives by sweeping palm trees with our machine gun (exactly, as in Predator).

Crysis Remodeling, Switch review

In the dazzling Chrysis the tree reveals the majestic forest behind it, the problem is that the forest does not reveal the gameplay. At least at the beginning, when we are teasing, moving the vegetation among the dense flora. Crysis is bothered by the very eagle sight, almost unbelievable of the enemies, their aim too, like Far Cry 2, it was only harder to hide it then than here. The special suit we wear allows us to shoot for a limited period of invisibility (ahem, like the alien from Chuache movie) and shock absorption coating. It also provides us with speed and force. The sophistication of the rules set out in table i can be seen in these plugins Far Cry Instint (franchise that was starting to fly in other hands). The point is that the abilities of the outfit save us in many moments from the frustration of outdated gunplay. The nano-suit today is a larger alliance than it once was, and combined with the inclusion of gyroscope pointing, a greater strategic touch is achieved in the confrontations. It ‘s only when we get close to our enemies that we realize they’re not that smart, and the AI ​​is funny watering more than one occasion.

Let’s be clear: we are confused. We do not see the Remastered label. The game is too similar to its version for last generation consoles. We find elements that look better and other elements that are worse, that have more or less equal balance. So there is no obvious improvement. Keep in mind that the only version currently available is the Switch version. It is possible that, when it comes out on the most powerful consoles, the higher resolution and effects that the hybrid escapes can make a big difference. What we have now is reflected in the dock at 900p and 720p on a laptop, with the frame rate barely running at 30 per second. It is at this moment that we enter the dark side of the moon. Very black place to stain yellow Review note.

The tree, the forest and the gameplay

I was pleased to know that the port of Crysis (we think that term is more accurate) Interactive Saber. There seemed to be no better option than the wizards who managed to install The Witcher 3 in Switch. Maybe that’s why the game doesn’t seem to be suffering continuous drops in fps and, sadly, expels you to the console menu when there is too much graphic stress. There were not one or two of them, in our game the game was broken up to six times. To believe (a phrase which, under the circumstances, may be applied literally beyond its ordinary meaning). Of course it’s something we can’t let the user go for. The game should not have come into your hands under these conditions. There is currently no patch that fixes the nonsense, but hopefully Saber is working on it. They managed to do wonders with those who came to The Witcher 3, so we are confident that it will happen here too. Crysis at the end of the day looks great on Switch and enjoys a lot despite its gameplay being anchored thirteen years ago. It hurts us that optimization of the experience is more than dubious. If a future patch replaces things, without hesitation change the yellow note for green, dark face hiding our star with a full moon smile.

Crysis Remodeling, Switch review

Remodeling or not remodeling, that is not a question of broken toys


The mythical Crysis comes to Switch surrounded by light and shadow. The radiant sunshine provides the lights across the island full of vegetation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the shadows at a frame rate that’s not strong at all and an in-game drop that drives you to the console menu. It’s paradoxical that the same thing could happen to those who want to install the demanding game on their computers in 2007, now 2020 players are suffering in involuntary and not funny homage. Saber Interactive’s choice to make the port (because it’s another, we don’t appreciate enough differentiated elements for what we call remodeling) seemed to have followed his incredible work with The Witcher 3. In light of the result , perhaps it would be more effective to draw Panic Button, a studio with the same experience of transporting mastodons to the hybrid, but with excellent results in a first – person shooter (Wolfenstein 2, Doom). Hopefully the studio is working on a patch that raises a note that cost us to put up significantly. Crysis and the users are worth it.

THE BEST _____

  • Because of the progress the game made graphically at the time, it retains the man thirteen years later.
  • The nano-suit is currently an unexpected alliance in a gun that we notice over time.
  • A pointing solvent with a hydroscope also helps in difficult situations
  • Being able to enjoy Crysis in a portable format is a dream come true


  • The frame rate is unstable
  • In the absence of a patch, bugs are so serious in performance that they can even kick you out of the game
  • We appreciate the term Remastered for the lack of significant improvements



It’s not the latest or the most original, it doesn’t have the best execution either, but it could be fun if you like the genre. Good, but there is room for improvement.

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