Crazy BMX World, Switch Review. Achieve Fun Within Every Budget


Crazy BMX World comes to Nintendo Switch with very fresh price and addictive gameplay. Title to consider for the Nintendo hybrid.

Shinyuden also takes us to the Nintendo hybrid —Nintendo Switch — a highly addictive and very low-priced video game, starting as a Spanish-Japanese house watch. In the same year we analyzed in this house another work edited by Shinyuden, Hero Trials, and we told him that he gave a deja vu Terra Incognita, “PlayStation title Yaroze”.

With Crazy BMX World, the video game that belongs to us today, another production has also come to mind, the Roll7 game, OlliOlli. With a bar so high it remains to be seen if Spicysoft product meet expectations, right?

Simple fun

It’s almost a utopia that video games are still launching in mid-2020 and with control clicks of more than ten buttons, all you need one button. The Crazy BMX World case has a small trap since its origin is in mobile devices, so one action button is very comfortable. Nonetheless, a little joke with the video game as it says in its website more than 27 million users with mobile phones, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U enjoyed it. Now it comes to the semi-portable console of the semi-living room with one purpose; continue to attract viewers.

Crazy BMX World is simple in mechanics and performance, though another thing to master perfectly. In the video game we ride a cross-bike while traveling 295 screens distributed in 7 worlds avoid problems and jump on platforms. The goal is simple; go through all the screens from the front area to the end collecting coins without falling into the void.

Crazy BMX World

While it may seem like an easy task at all, it is because the platforms, jerseys, falls and features of the environment are badly measured. There are various things that will help us in our task, but nonetheless, accuracy plays an important role in achieving the goal.

To give you an idea of ​​how Crazy BMX World works, imagine a two-dimensional scenario with right-to-left side scrolling featuring platforms, falls and obstacles that we must overcome by jumping with the bike if we want the goal alive. Simple but very addictive.

A lot for little money

At the beginning of the Review we told you about Olli Olli, a great thematic title skater where we traveled from one end of the screen to the other avoiding obstacles while doing tricks with the skateboard. One way or another, Crazy BMX World reminded us a little in perceptions but also in the graphic, with a very nice and minimalist drawing style but at the same time full of colors. Also with a retro touch.

crazy bmx world

As we said, there are 295 screens in total and who at first it’s an easy thing, things sometimes get complicated, perhaps too much, even though we’ve already talked about the final piece. There are a total of 40 suits for our main character wheels to change a bit of scenery and the way to get them is through a machine gashapon. You know, the one where you put out a euro and a surprise ball comes out. It’s not something we really like but it’s there and the “runs” are achieved well too.

There is also Crazy BMX World two game modes these are the Tour Mode and the Grand Prix. The first is a lifetime arcade and in the second we try to find out what pasta is made for us by participating in infinite scenarios. The goal of this method is to achieve the highest score on the world final and we promise you that it is very attractive.

crazy bmx world

Sure, technically Crazy BMX World doesn’t go through your eyes but that’s why you can’t ask for much more from a video game that costs three euros. It has simple and straightforward graphics but very effective. It is powerful to look at, diverse and colorful. All of the world has themes to make them recognizable at first glance and there are additional details that make them unique. The panacea is not the animation but once again, what it contains is effective and does its job.

A little joke with the soundtrack although not particularly extensive, yes surprises and many with some of its musical themes. In addition, the texts are translated into Spanish – and other languages ​​- so you’ll know everything the video game has to say to us.

crazy bmx world

If you have three euros or points left in the Nintendo Switch eShop digital store, you should try Crazy BMX World because he can never give you so much. It must be acknowledged, however, that so many screens and the few mechanics in each of them can make it a little monotonous.


As we say, there is little that can be asked for such a fun and addictive game that costs only 3 euros. It is not the panacea, nor does it invent the wheel, but it fulfills its mission and transcends it; entertainment. Thanks also to its agile steps and console suspension function we can enjoy at any time. A bit heavy in the end but some players may just like it.

THE BEST _____

  • Its price, real bargain.
  • Addictive like many others.
  • The soundtrack is very good.


  • Slightly stiff in length.
  • Graphically pocho.

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