Cracked Review, PSVR. An Act Of Heights That Will Make You Sweat


It is understood, with the new PS5 VR viewer still far on the horizon, that good games continue to come out from far and wide for the already prevalent PS4 veteran PSVR.

The FPS genre is perhaps the most popular virtual reality games. So much so that he is lazy to face those who are coming. And strangely enough, the most immersive video games were found that fit perfectly with the synonyms of success, and first person and gun in action he seemed to have everything on his side. It is a great shame that other avenues have not been deeply cultivated. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, for example, has shown that 3D platformers can be great masterpieces, that can bring frightening mixes of speed and rhythm games like Thumper, that a perfect game like synaesthetic REZ in VR is even better or that the terror you will reach incomprehensible heights with a visor as the brave Resident Evil VII.

Virtual reality still has a lot to say, and with the help of greater power that will allow for a deeper experience and without the terrible physical problems for the user, the lack of cables that interfere with the game and our desire to start playing and, of course, with excellent titles that take advantage of the unpublished possibilities that remain in the new medium. In the meantime it’s time to enjoy what we’re up to today, games like Fracked, which congratulates ourselves for being able to enjoy experiences that can not be found anywhere else.

The hottest James Band in all their glory

Fracked contains many of the most unreleased James Bonds of the 60s and 70s of the last century. The one who fell in love with him (us and to Nolan from Inception and Tenet) with his great tour de force in the prologues of every movie, those bad megomaniacs, the facilities full of clones and anonymous henchmen … In some of those movies with Connery and Moore starring action scenes in the snow traced in the game nDreams. As soon as we started playing we descended with a ski down a mountain slope, after a few minutes, we already have a plane blowing with its icy air in the neck. These excerpts will later be spiced up with watchtowers, crazy jumpers and, of course, a bad rider on snowmobiles.

Unlike James Bond baddies, we don’t care about our antagonist here. He is a man who wants to end life on Earth for his sake, with no other future. In Bond movies, you could even sympathize with the crazy plans of the crazy baddie on duty. From the annihilation of the damned mankind to getting a fresh start in a wild land like Moonraker, to the tragic Captain Nemo baddie from The Spy Who Loved Me. We don’t get any empathy here before a very bad baddie, though he wouldn’t give time in the adjustment of it throughout the game, a few hours that don’t have much time to think about how intense everything is.

Cracked Review, PSVR. An act of heights that will make you sweat

We loved it how physical Fracked. There are the shots, of course, where we constantly move our bodies to defend ourselves from the shots or in the action necessary to reload the weapons that occur in two stages (three if we expel that dangerous magazine with only two bullets that can be embarrassing). But there’s more, push buttons, turn handles, lift handles to open doors, operate levers and, the ones we liked the most, climb ladders and grab slabs. One gets to release a drop of sweat with the effort, which gives plus appreciative of immersion education.

The game promises to be amazing in those passages through the snow without a second relief, but in the middle of shooting too. It does not reach the level of intensity of the last Servant, of course (moreover, which would make our head explode, we will come to the accessibility part), although it still speed in the higher levels is an essential trick to win the game. The intellect of the bad guys is not a diploma, even though they are constantly running around, the one they look for you, there are kamikazes that explode as they approach us, tank-type enemies that follow us and force us change our strategy. they will often force us to block the I povo, but always know that we can improve and win. Scenarios give us the freedom to test multiple ways to try and achieve success.

Don’t stop, act!

It is unfortunate that this usability has not been further exploited by placing online rankings, timers or scores on the number of enemies killed, headshots or the elegance in the people executed (for example, ending with some enemies as we go down in possession of a zip line). And the strange thing is, because some of these elements, which are naturally formed during games, activate some trophies, such as the speed of the action or the number of enemies killed. The one that is a short game and leaves such good taste in your mouth called out for DLCs that activate competitiveness, broaden the story or incorporate new challenges. A job in addition to this deserves to grow from its solid roots.

Cracked Review, PSVR. An act of heights that will make you sweat

The art direction of Fracked cel shading is reminiscent of the Frontiers (by the way, you have a good virtual reality port of the second excellent installment of the hooligan franchise). This prevents the game from showing the seams. Now accustomed to the graphic excellence of God of War, for example, the PS2 feature of some products on PSVR is always striking. It’s a toll to pay for the effortless movement of action that must share the processing power generated by a world immersed in VR. Cel Shading’s cushioned touch with Fracked takes him out of potential and unfair comparisons. We get one first in his life and he will never distract us because of possible graphic shortcomings.

The control is varied and very well integrated. We internalize it in a few minutes because of its naturalness they have achieved. On a ski descent we change direction by moving our head. The movements respond (yes, both pins are essential) while easily concentrating while reloading quickly, catching levers or projections … The functions are also distributed. We shoot with one hand and the other hand helps with the direction of travel.

Cracked Review, PSVR. An act of heights that will make you sweat

One last warning before you start playing (with what we counted, I don’t know what you’re doing reading this yet and you haven’t run to get the game), check out the accessibility options. By default they are adjusted for the experienced player. Those of you who regularly mess with virtual reality by the turn, with windows that blur at the edges … It would be a shame if you lost your summer tan for a sick yellow vinegar. Of course, those of you who play on PS5 will benefit from a higher frame rate, more resolutions in the textures and shorter loading times, so you’ll have fewer problems getting used to the game. It is a great pleasure, another must have for the PSVR catalog congenital genre, that’s first person shots, over-saturated.

Performance and accessibility in VR


Do you remember the beginning of Uncharted 2? Well, in Fracked you will feel as close as possible to that Nathan Drake who is hanging from a wagon about to fall off a cliff. But you will also experience the unbalanced shooting dyes between ski and snow motorcycles from James Bond movies. The game of Dreams is an adrenaline rush, a roller coaster that emotionally validates that amazing invention that is virtual reality. Frenzied action perfectly matched with its polished control, with highly physical actions like building a cover around a corner, climbing stairs or loading your arms. Who said it was easy to be a hero? Fracked pirouette ranks among the best of PSVR catalog. It is a title that stands out among the satiety of the device’s shooter games. We believe that if a game is good, it could be even better in virtual reality. Broken, though short, is one of those reasons for VR to be. Now it is only known whether its open territory will get a conclusion through a close DLC or a distant (and deserved) second part.

THE BEST _____

  • The cel shading style avoids unfair comparisons with non-VR products.
  • His action, varied and excellently managed, puts us in full control of emotions.
  • Control implemented with information and lots of solvency.


  • Let your potential audience think that Fracked is one of the cultured VR shooter genres
  • It’s a little short, but it’s also made short because of how good it is.
  • After its opening ending, it would be a crime not to continue the experience and expand the game modes through DLC or second.

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