Crab Fight, Steam Review


Is Fight Crab as amazing and as fun as painting it? We analyzed the game that went viral on social networks and found out all it gives us. It is time to find out who the king of crustaceans is.

You will surely remember that tweet that went so viral that you would not believe what we were seeing: Giant crabs fighting all kinds of weapons. But this 2020, a year so unusual and very suitable for games like Fight Crab.

The game Calappa Games is the exact portrayal of what 2020 looks like. What we are seeing is so surreal that we cannot fully believe it. But don’t understand our words, because hides more than one surprise inside and we wanted to test it and explore it to see if there is a good video game behind so many visual glasses.

King of the Crustaceans

Right from the start, the game is presented to the player as something strange and in which the gravity is really the least. There are no in-depth stories or some feature that unites the different parts of the game, but all of them go for free. In fact, the interface itself mix fonts without rhyme or reason until you are uncomfortable.

Once we have the menu done, the rest is play and play until all the scenarios presented to us by Fight Crab are complete. The purpose and objective of each fight is to turn the opponent around and hold on to it for 3 seconds to win. While it is not as easy as it is written, the more it is done, the easier it will be to turn and the more it will cost him to get back on his feet.

Crab Fight, Steam Review

We visit cities, temples, restaurants and even a fish market among other extras that we unlock at the end that makes us laugh while still thinking. Because this is where your greatest strength lives.

Yes constant feeling that I do not know what is happening on the screen in the first few minutes. You only see outbursts, huge crabs with weapons and soul opening style music. And even with all this information overloaded, you laugh.

Deep as Atlantis

The absurdity of the moment you live in is, and as we have said before, comparable to 2020, it only entertains you. We don’t believe it’s hours-long entertainment, because there comes a time when the feeling of over-persistence persists if we play long sessions.

Crab Fight, Steam Review

However, behind so many absurd elements is a very successful combat system that goes beyond creating funny scenarios. For each level we run, they will give us coins that we can exchange for another weapon or crab. This would not be relevant if they were just cosmetic changes, but the reality includes something a little more complicated.

Each weapon has its own stats and not all of them are normal crabs. We will address and unlock various species of crustaceans who have personalities that distinguish them from the rest. For example, there are some species with the longest claws that allow to keep the distance but make it impossible to attack a close range.

Crab Fight, Steam Review

We can also raise the level of the crab and increase the traits we like most, choose a companion in arms or choose the weapon we want in each clamp. And, as if that were not enough, when we get damaged we can go into the Hyper mode to accelerate our attacks and new abilities as Kamehameha.

But given that complexity, nothing works 100%. In the end, Fight Crab, although it has its own classified games, is still a game with crabs equipped with deadly weapons, and while you hide a deep system behind you, gravity drops into the ocean.

Fight Crab, steam Review

The controls are very rough and even with the tutorial you are not able to assimilate everything they explain to you. In the end you only resort to throwing yourself against the enemy and hitting buttons to spin and win the other crab. Out of curiosity, we played some online games with other players in the world and found that most people did not have a fixed strategy and did the same with us: go for it and spend some time looking at what happen.

As sunk as the Titanic

Although of course, there were also exceptions for players who took advantage of Fight Crab talents. To give you an example, in an online game a player placed a rocket on one clamp and a katana on the other, rotating his body activating the rocket and hitting us with the katana like a whirlpool.

And the point is, in fact, if you know how to take advantage of the game’s talents, you will get satisfactory results. We have made an achievement disarm the competitor, rob him and kill him with his own weapon. While we can grab it and twist it by making proper use of the rods or take it out of us to take a firm victory.

Therefore, what we mean is whether you play good or bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting buttons or if you’re the Fight Crab Faker because it makes you happy to see that everything that happens is sharper than the previous thing or you are very interested in the hit that you got with a few salmon in hand.

And they do all this with a good physics system. Everything collides with everything and location must be considered as one other aspect of the fight. In addition, they put a little pressure on those situations that only happen if you have physics like Fight Crab.

Thanks to them we can interact in a certain way with the stage by breaking palm trees and using them as weapons, riding scooters or catching your comrades killed in combat to give a few blows. As we said, it’s not about victory anymore, but having fun and watching “see what happens today.”


Overall, Fight Crab has an uneven finish. Calappa Games manages to generate fun from the concept of what the game is about, because in the end, the game attracts what you see, not what you play. There’s an in-game complexity that can be very entertaining, just to pursue it, but the rough controls don’t invite you to continue playing to understand it. However, this does not frustrate you and you can have fun and know how to play it. It’s not an unknown depth of the ocean at all, but it’s not Atlantis either.

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