Captain Tsubasa: Raising New Champions, Review


We analyze the title of the series of myths we grew up in in the nineties, which comes out this August 28 on PS4, PC and Switch.

Many of us grew up here Oliver and Benji as a header wire. And we were the same people who tried in the school yard to give impossible effects to plastic balls or shoot as hard as possible to see if we broke the net … Those who were lucky enough to have nets. in the aims, they were small. In short, champions draw the purest nostalgia of a few generations who grew up with the Marking Lenders, Terry Brothers, Bruce Harper, Tom Baker, Ed Warner, Julian Ross or Phillip Callaghan. How could we not be excited about a reclaimed title PC, PS4 and Switch everything we liked years ago? And this is Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. Aimed more at the fans – old and new – than the soccer lover.

Captain Tsubasa is not a new saga in the world of video games. In fact, many will remember the myths of the early nineties Tecmo Corn from NES, which basically recreated episodes of this type of Japanese football but without the original license. Then came many other games in multiple formats, almost all with the RPG touch present while defining the success and failure of our actions on the field. And this Rise of New Champions retains some of that foundation, even though it managed to attract much more attention to the approach that was like arcade football. But the truth of the matter is that games are good Super Sidekicks, Euro Champ and the like they are something else.

Review of Captain Tsubasa

Let the ball roll

Title Tamsoft Y. Bandai namco it presents us simple gameplay with various additions that come directly from the series. We can shoot, pass the ball, make passes into space, cross, run and dribble. All this with the corresponding button, and the ball hitting options can be loaded to give it more power. As a defense, follow the player carrying the ball with X (PS4), make tacks with a round or make accusations running against an opponent. So far, all very familiar. If we add some extra mechanics to the walls, we might think we have a Captain Tsubasa game, but also a solvent football proposal. Each player has an energy bar that is depleted by performing certain movements such as sprinting, kicking, dribbling … So we need to manage it well so that we can perform the movements at the prime moment. For example, if we are running from field to field, when we need to make the shot with effect we will not have enough energy. This provides a certain strategy – reasonably – and always forces us to think about the best way out. Enough to quench the thirst of most arcade football lovers?

The fact of the matter is that it is the development of the games and the usefulness and response of the mechanics of the game that is gradually moving the game away from the players. recreation rooms. Yes, we make hard supports and the referee does not; we can shoot from midfield; we have great shots; but the title does not develop like a regular game of football. Mainly because of his main proposal: how to score goals. Every goalkeeper has a power bar that makes them almost invincible as long as they keep it. Our work, based on shots, shots and super shots, is lower the bar until it is red or just disappears. That’s when the aims fall alone, even with almost harmless shots.

captain tsubasa story mode

As a result the player has to work to lower the goalkeeper’s bar in the shortest time possible. Everything revolves around that. No good braided play is done with a precise cross and shooting at a white point range – perhaps on a very specific occasion … – because it’s Alan, yes, Alan paralysis as long as it has a power bar. And this means, on the one hand, that the core of football loses its meaning and, on the other hand, our goal is always to find good positions to load powerful shots and reduce the goalkeeper’s bar as much as possible. possible, so the game experience will focus on that. , at least in story mode.

The game features a AI ally debatable, hardly make sensible movements. For example, if we go up to the left at full speed, don’t expect the end of that same band to uncheck or bend inward, as sometimes it just stays watch. But all of this is changing and above all, improving as we unlock new skills.

The momentum of the national teams

As we move forward we will learn new skills. Some like to make loading centers that can be deleted immediately. Or the dribbles. If we hit an opponent with him we throw a bar to the dribble with R2, but if we do two in a row we get an energy bar back. These actions contain the reward of risk. In the dribles and entries that another RPG component inserts, the statistics: in addition to the associated dribble (there are two, and two entry types that cancel one or the other) the stats defensive Y. insulting decide who gets the ball. That’s why Jito’s nut is so hard to crack and Schneider leaves so easy.

captain tsubasa skills

When successful actions (stealing, dribbling, shooting, doing some right passes) we fill in a V bar that allows us to launch an improver for the whole team: recover all energy, be faster, lock ourselves behind , the captain does not expend energy … or use the Super stops, which avoids any goal no matter what goalkeeper we have, which adds another point of strategy at certain times.

Honestly, the sensations were the first hours (when we were streaming live, not going any further). But the game improves. And it gets so much better when we drop out of high school and we started playing with national teams… And we started to see new mechanics. A small boost that does not revolutionize the game, but helps with the global calculation.

Captain tsubasa

Recreate the “golden duo” by making walls in combo mode and crossing midfield, mechanics such as combined shots, super shots (we have to reload two bars in a separate state) or new antennas like Chile or special headers, some of which are players, broaden the known spectrum.

When we have the full range of movements and options on the unlocked pitch, the Title I know Do bigger nice. Especially because we have competitors in front of us who can easily score by hitting our goalkeeper, and we need a certain strategy. They have defenses that can stop forward, have a better than average goalkeeper and look for better positions because the shooting from midfield is no longer valid Germany or Argentina.

the golden duo

On the one hand, bring the mechanics of the series to great loyalty It’s a great point in favor, but conversely, despite the improved sensations, these will lose the surprise effect when we’ve made 14 special shots in one game. The title does not lose its potential as a soccer game, since the physics of the ball or the interaction or development of the games, both attack and defense, do not end up feeling like a soccer arcade. It could be defended and argued that the game is not pretending, but the answer to that is that its own mechanics have a somewhat limited route, and may become repetitive in the long run. because many of the possibilities we could recreate on the playing field do not offer the expected reward.

Loyalty to the series

During one of our games we took a normal shot with Tsubasa from outside the area. The objective, because we did not have enough energy to make a special shot, was to reduce the energy of the competitive goalkeeper. The kick hit a defender and he overcame the ball, finishing going in because the goalkeeper had already launched. This realistic random scenario is a narrative story. And the lack of more football moments like this is what restricts our actions in the game too much.

captain tsubasa

The experience upgrades against players, and many people certainly regret the fact that neither the demanding CPU nor the AI ​​is challenging as would be expected. But when we jump into the ring with friends, everything changes. Shooting areas are harder to find, and we understand that the best scenarios (shooting from inside the area with Tsubasa, Hyuga or Schneider to secure a goal regardless of the goalkeeper ‘s bar) are more difficult. And then win the game in the fun. In short: playable recreates the manga and anime keys very well, but its mechanics have corseted that abc system from which we will not be able to get out (if we want to win, of course) against the CPU, but a little more pressured with others.

The title comes with it two story modes differentiated which succeeds in recreating the series as accurately and faithfully as possible. This is the Tsubasa chapter, which is based on the arcade to recreate the last school competition already in school; and the Youth World Cup arcade, in which we can create a player who will adapt to that saga from the inside, always keeping the line of the original work. If we stop at the first chapter, in this one we will play the story of Tsubasa as the main character, recreating even within the games if we meet the requirements, the great moments of the soul: When we stop the infernal catapult, shoot the destroying tiger Hyuga ball, when Tsubasa is ahead in the shot with effect … He knows how to put you completely into anime.

Captain tsubasa

Unfortunately, it is a game mode too easy, and we understand the mechanics of it, it will not be difficult to see three, four or six aims. Also, the difficulty cannot be changed, which disrupts the experience. And there are a lot of missing mechanics that we didn’t discover until later. Details to note are that this mode unlocks anime scenes, summaries of previous sagas (like when Oliver and Tom meet) that are very pleasing to the fans of the franchise.

It’s the other great way New hero, in which we create a character with many adaptable elements – and more than what is bought in a store – and where we choose a location and what team to play. Tsubasa kits are not valid here, but there are other routes with the Toho or the Musashi. The RPG component is very present and we appreciate it in this mode, as we will then be challenged to assign experience points to improve our statistics. In addition, it has a friendship system that allows us to get in touch with certain players and learn movements and skills from them, as well as power-ups of all kinds and FUT style is pure. Although, all of this is only available with packages that are unlocked with money found in the game.

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