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Blue Fire comes with the promise of reminding us of the amazing 3D platforms at the turn of the century. We analyze and discover all its strengths.

When the third feature became part of video games, there were many of those who were eager to switch the accuracy of the platforms to 3D, which led to a large number of high quality titles like Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Banjo & Kazooie, Spyro etc. Now we have a hard time getting high quality samples, so it’s natural joys of being able to welcome someone who is ready. From Argentina, and under the name ROBI Studios, comes Blue Fire, a unique combination of elements that come together to create a 3D platform that is both enjoyable and demanding.

For himself Making it Blue Fire’s inspiration is recognized in the platforms at the turn of the century and the best thing is that we felt like this. We’ve recovered a feeling we haven’t had in a long time, since the vast majority of platforms have been prominent in recent years in 2D. And it’s natural, there aren’t many significant platforms that wanted to address the third aspect more than the notable ones. Snake Pass, Hat in Am and now, Tine gorm.

Classic smell

ROBI Studios frames us in a three-dimensional adventure in the land of Penumbra, a kingdom polluted by The shadow until we arrived. The entire game is structured in a gloomy castle in the purest Dark Souls style, with shared and interconnected zones the head.

The first areas give us the typical tutorial, but ROBI Studios forget to give the player a progressive adaptation movement and control of the character. This generates some irregular difficulty curve in its first hours due to the accuracy required by a particular area and due to a camera not helping at certain times. Fortunately it is a small place and, when passed, the curve it restores its natural progression.

Blue Fire PC temple vertical

At Fire Generation not only do we address scenarios with different color palettes, but they have provided a unique attribute for each of them to differentiate them with just a glance. For example, the Stone city it is full of stairs and nooks and crannies to explore; or The cemetery use a large tower as an intermediary to access higher areas. In fact, one of the most notable features of the game is its verticality. This uniqueness is applied in almost all of its scenarios, thus managing to create a platform that is as balanced and diverse.

We have the challenges of The vacuum. Classified according to their difficulties, these zones will challenge the player’s skill and patience to reach the end of the circuit and gain an extra heart as a reward. This is really where we found ourselves the highest challenge in the game from a platform perspective, creating moments of real tension and where one mistake would put us back at the beginning of the challenge. However, some parts of the most difficult levels can be overcome as you get along new abilities and power-ups, so it’s never a bad idea to try later.

Pure 3D platforms

All these improvements come from the spirits, all the beings who live in Penumbra castle. Its operation is very similar to slots Knight knight, since they only allow us to equip a certain amount of spirits depending on the slots we have available. These spirits it will add to our momentum or they will allow us to do more damage when we do aerial combos. And yes, in Blue Fire there is also combat. In fact, it blends seamlessly with the techniques applied to the platforms.

The Void Blue Fire 3D Platforms

The entire combat structure is based on “Z targeting” games like Zelda or Dark Souls. This wise decision generates a very satisfying game for all the freedom of movement they provide us. While it is true that combat in the range is only functional, it wastes our motto reserve, which can only be regenerated by giving melee hits. This is where the interesting lies lie. By not letting your enemies be enchanted by our blow, learning momentum is crucial avoid the fastest attacks or use the shield as a last resort without damaging it. The combination of melee elements, range and platform techniques ends with an impulse frantic and very precise combat. Once you get used to it, the fights are overjoyed, especially the final enemies.

While it’s true that there isn’t much variety in the basic enemies, it’s in the final bosses where ROBI Studios captures the frenzy of fighting. After a series of dungeons in the true style of Legend of Zelda, we will have to face the mound foreman. The so-called Lords will put everything we have learned so far to the test in unique battles. Although they do not have a very particular design, their mechanics are very different. The final bosses demands our utmost attention to remember their opponent’s pattern as we contradict their movements, which emerge, like music.

Samael Fire Blue PC Fight

In addition to the prime minister, in our adventure we will meet other companions. We wish they had intervened more throughout history, since their only relevance is guide the player or offer them high schools to improve our equipment. We can also do this through shops, where we can only buy weapons, spirits and aesthetic costumes.

In one of the challenges ROBI Studios suggested we have go back through certain areas access to places that were previously impossible to reach. It is at that moment when you realize that the main character and the player have improved together. And if there is something that we need to highlight above all else the feeling of progress.

Blue Rust PC Home Fire Characters

In the 8 hours (or 12 if we go 100%) that survive Blue Fire, you learn to combine the platform and combat perfectly to go through the whole castle in a few minutes. In fact, it is a game in which an accelerators they will get a good challenge for the agility and precision of his action.

Enhance your reflections in Blue Fire

We can’t finish without recommending you a controller to play it. With the keyboard we play well the first few hours, but we believe that a most satisfying experience respond quickly to the accuracy they demand from us. In addition, technically we had no problems and its minimum requirements are not demanding, so practically anyone will be able to enjoy Adventures at Penumbra Castle.

The Void Blue Fire Upgraded Suit


We really enjoyed our experience with Blue Fire. The only thing we can go against ROBI Studios is that lack of an innovative element that is able to create a unique feature within the game that distinguishes it from the rest and makes it special. However, that does not detract from the fact that it is an accurate and very enjoyable 3D platformer. In fact, we love how it mixes features from many other games like Hollow Knight or Zelda and impressively applies them to the precision required in this genre. Blue Fire always entertains, fun and challenges you and becomes a serious candidate to become one of the best Indians in the year 2021.

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