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We analyze Biomutant, a new work of Experiment 101 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, published by THQ Nordic.

Biomutant it is passed through our hands in the end. After a few delays leading to silence, the Experiment 101 proposal is already undeveloped on our screens. It is aimed at the high premise: we are talking about the title that combines action and role in the world open to the letters. But what is it really capable of?

Our offspring transmits through too much ambition. The team wanted to focus on a lot of mechanics that seem to fit well on paper, but are really not far from achieving the desired quality bar. Biomutant wants to have many things at once; it does not stand out in any of them.

PS4 Xbox One PC biometric Review

The first steps

The first impression with Biomutant is a title that takes RPG possibilities seriously for the player. We have the opportunity guide our character three of five preset classes, which have their own special characteristics and direct the style of play to one side. Pistolero, for example, speaks for itself, and Psicoloco flows the action through special abilities.

Before that choice will be the character mutation, that is, where will go the six main characteristics of the little raccoon: vitality, strength, intellect, charisma, agility and luck. As you can see, everything maintains the quality we can expect in the genre. It does not go outside the well-established guidelines.

PS4 Xbox One PC biometric Review

The tutorial section does not hide some of the mechanics we find in the open world, such as the karma system, the classic decision between good and evil that is clear from the first choice; or combat, which combines the use of firearms with a combination of brighter movements, either with your own hands or with the use of blades. But it is what stands out the most during this part the strong need of the narrator To transfer excess information that negatively affects your progress.

While his interventions can be configured through the menu, the problem is not in its own role, but in the quality and how the storytelling expands. They introduce us to the Biomutant Universe against a wall of words and terms that no one explains or suggests to you. The player must try to try to tell you what they want.

Lost world

Given that he did not care for our planet, Biomutant bases his script on his critical to environmental degradation and what we can stand for if we continue to abuse. The information pills are always happening, and even slow down the pace of the adventure. We already knew during the previous months that the script had increased to 250,000 words, compared to the 85,000 it originally had.

PS4 Xbox One PC biometric Review

The odd way in which the conversations develop doesn’t help either. The characters have their own language, a the narrator broadcasts in your language when they end their own part of the dialogue. Ordinary speech takes twice as long to wait for the narrator to intervene as if he were a translator. At least they can be skipped, but it’s not the best solution if you don’t have subtitles.

The story takes on too much prominence. His presence reaches the point where at no time can you connect with the story that intends to immerse you. You are an entity that walks around the world solving problems that no one explains to you its meaning. The writing is too weak, their ambition is too great to try to draw a huge universe that is attractive for hours. You wish you could skip the conversations.

PS4 Xbox One PC biometric Review

We jump into the open world with a mission: save the dangers facing the The Tree of Life. This opens up a range of opportunities across different story lines. The first, most obvious and inviting from the beginning is to intervene in tribal warfare. The karma system comes to the surface for you to choose one of the two sides, which symbolizes the millennial confrontation between light and darkness.

From that moment begins one of the most repetitive and monotonous mission lines you can play in Biomutant. Your mission is to capture rival settlements until you unlock their headquarters. So until you take out all the enemy leaders, which will allow you to take a tour around most of the stage to be played.

PS4 Xbox One PC biometric Review

But the worst is not the structure; the worst tasks you have to perform within each arrangement are to catch it. We don’t understand the need to use intro strings every time a new wave of enemies comes in. You walk in, you take control, you see three enemies coming and you fight. So until suddenly you have caught the job. Sometimes they give you different mechanics, like throwing a barrel to knock down a door, and some can even be finished with objects outside the settlement itself.

More style than shape

The capture system is the epic antithesis. It is a succession of ineffective battalions at the controls, ranging from video scenes that contribute nothing. What does it take to see three enemies coming again and again? Definitely nothing. It implies that it is in front of a complete amateur product.

PS4 Xbox One PC biometric Review

The confrontation against the tribal chiefs can be resolved in two different ways: a fair fight or the power of conversation. In our experience of hard difficulty, we were able to convince them to lay down their arms, even with negative effects on the probability bar. When you chase the latter, your Sifu (leader of the decision you went with) it will give you a choice between ending the war or continuing to fight. What’s the point of cutting back a lot of the material, with what it implies in terms of leveling? Instead of creating original and varied content, the studio gives you the opportunity to choose. Depending on how you see it, the choice can be taken as something positive or negative.

The rest of the plot lines follow this type of structure, about repetitions and prologue walks through a world that doesn’t just invite you to explore. Two decisions in particular: the lack of organic opportunities and the number of secondary tasks linked to finding a certain number of objects. Is he open world generic at its best. It does not encourage you to get to the places you want, it is a repetition of long walks between two points with no interest in them.

PS4 Xbox One PC biometric Review

Sometimes a powerful enemy appears with its own resistance bar. The first time is fine, but not so good during half an hour you see it about five times in different places. And it is a great shame. The visual world invites you to immerse yourself. The visual direction is affectionate, and makes great use of obscurity. But it really takes us two generations back.

In this way we qualify the fight. The first shots seem to focus on a fresh, different system, where skills really matter. It all depends on the type of weapon you use. Swords and firearms with one hand or two hands, turn the fight in his rare combinations, and repeating the same button continuously extending a special attack. And there’s no room for improvement either, since the combos are almost unlocked from the start.

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