Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, Review. When Apollo Vs Rocky Is Not Enough


We analyze the boxing title set in Rocky Universe, an arcade style and trying to reclaim an abandoned discipline in video games.

There was a time when boxing had various installments, sagas and projects that brought this sport closer to digital leisure. Some of us grew up with it Punch Out!, then we started enjoying Knockout in a more realistic edition and ended up enjoying legend games within the Fight Night saga. But the fever ran for this sport, EA changed it for the UFC and we are orphans, since Nintendo did not return to retrieve its arcade saga that we do not know about Wii. We covered some gaps with games like Rocky (even on PSP), and now we want to feel something like it again Big Rumple Boxing: Creed Champions. But it’s not the same.

Creed, son of the mythical Apollo, after witnessing the Rocky on the big screen and was a huge success (more for the first than for the second film). His figure allowed us to reclaim the presence of Hollywood boxing in video games, first with a title of it Virtual reality and now with this new Big Rumble Boxing. A proposal that does not deceive and is clear from the beginning: an arcade game, far from yesterday ‘s simulation and therefore far from defenses that cover different parts of the body or are avoidable by moving the torso. There is also no fatigue from blowing or damaging meters that affect specific parts of the face. Feed bar, superbar, normal attack button, special attack button, dodge, single guard (which can be turned into a counter) and play.

great review boxed creed boxing champions

In the eye of the tiger

And there’s nothing wrong with having an arcade soul, as it can continue to be a very engaging and more importantly offer if we have some of the movie’s great heroes and villains. Creed, Rocky, Clubber, Viktor Drago and his son or Apollo, along with Conlan or Wheeler, do not miss the appointment, which is accompanied by other invented characters that add little, other than fillers, and possible absences, such as Tommy Gun or Mason Dixon. This is what we want to play with our movie idiots, and their hobbies have a point on a visual and movement level. But the base of the game, before long, wears out quickly.

While we have two types of attack, it is true that we can make combos in different ways and according to each character. We can throw a basic combo, finish it with a hook to the ribs and a special attack. And then change the sequence. It is not short in that sense. In addition, each character has its own characteristics. Apollo it is very fast and has special fast movements. Rocky He can charge attacks and take hits because if we learned anything from his movies, Rocky would have absorbed everything. Young Creed is fairer and more agile. Clubber or Drago They are real beasts that strike slower but with a higher force. And these differences are noticeable when we play, and we appreciate them.

great review boxed creed boxing champions

To this end there are certain attacks with specifics – they break guards, turn … – and we can play with the case to launch a rival at the strings, sin rebound and stick with combo. With Apollo we have done very long sequences of blows, restarting the attacks and leaving the opponent without possibility, and when it goes well, it is attractive.

In fact, the biggest problem with the game is in the idea only at its base, which gives no more when you have a lot of fights. At the level of movement on the ring and in terms of choices and strategy, the title depends: we care about ending the competitor’s life, that it falls to the ground, that there is a count, that it rises and that it begins again. . Meanwhile, we have super attacks that are devastating and fill by hitting, as well as a guard bar that we can break if the opponent just covers it. Le Enemy AI, the opponents finish repeating patterns more than necessary. You learn the attacks you can resist and the ones you have to avoid, when the Super can be saved … and adapt to your character. The system is simple, it works, there is not much travel but we bought it. We have come to entertain ourselves for a while. But the game also ends its journey in the a few modalities.

Short fuse games

There are a arcade mode in which we see the history of each of the characters between training minigames and dialogue. Some of the following stages we saw in the movies, others changing core moments (Apollo vs Drago) and all with dialogue and static imagery. Made the main ones, it doesn’t take much pressure to do the others unless we want to unlock all the available costumes and fighters. This is added method by method in which we can contact the rules and choose a ring, and method of training. A little more. If one of us is to play locally, it will last longer on the console. If not, the lack of online mode has just limited the path of the game.

great review boxed creed boxing champions

CHUN audiovisual level, The modeling and some animation work well, and similarities in cartoon format with the characters they imitate and some beats and elements – so throwing the opponent to the ropes or on the corner poles – that convince them, that especially because they expand combo options, but there are certain robotic movements and some influences and physics that can’t be improved, such as when a striking character falls out. Best of all, listen to Eye of the Tiger as we relocate Rocky vs Apollo last. Of course, there is no one to take it from us.

The game comes translated into Spanish. We analyzed it thanks to a copy provided by Koch Media.

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, Review. When Apollo vs Rocky is not enough
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, Review. When Apollo vs Rocky is not enough


Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is looking to reclaim the heart of arcade boxing with a Rocky and Creed license between them. Simple to control, well recognizable characters (the officers) and even different fighting styles in between. But the title is a victim of its own lack of ambition. The base occupies playable for several hours, but its way is limited. And the lack of game modes means it won’t be in the long run in terms of in-game content and proposal. And it’s a big shame, because there are details that Rocky lovers will appreciate.

THE BEST _____

  • The main fighters available: Creed, Apollo, Rocky, the Drago, Clubber …
  • Different styles of combat between characters
  • The visual style is suitable for recreating the characters
  • Being able to fight Apollo vs Rocky with Eye of the Tiger in the background


  • Scarcity in modalities and variety in them
  • At the playable level, it does something simple in the long run
  • We lose one more fighter from the Rocky Universe

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