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We analyze Before Your Eyes for PC, the latest indie creative bet in which we promote an exciting dramatic story by swallowing eyes.

While reading this you probably got lost once or twice refresh unconsciously and avoid dry eyes. This is how our body works and this is the main mechanic of Before Your Eyes, a creative indie video game by GoodbyeWorld Games that seeks to tell a story through the eyes of the eye. In the next few lines we will explain how effective this has been innovative storytelling.

Play Before Your Eyes we will need one webcam or similar so that the game can detect our plot and so move on in a story that only takes a few hours. That is their simple premise, explain the story of Benjamin through your eyes.

Humanity and purity

Like one other soul, we pass through unknown waters until a boatman gathers us. Although he is not a simple sailor, he is in charge choose trapped souls hear her story and, in turn, explain it to the guardian who chooses our final destination. This is how a game begins as pure as it is Before Your Eyes. It’s not about creating bombastic characters and moments they want to be. It explains a story that could be a reflection of our own lives as we deal with such delicate subjects personal development or life and death.

This is where its basic pillar on which its developers are based lies. Make our lives look good it is usually not as different as the others and that we all go through the same human processes, some with more difficulty than others. And this message is very clear thanks to highly written characters in Before Your Eyes.

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We’re not talking about the quality of his script, unexpected tights (that he has) or complex stories that have deep lore. Her story is simple. And let’s not say it as a negative thing, on the contrary, it is so simple that it connects with ease thanks to the human race that breathes as we interact with its world. And with this we have to add the charisma, passion and naturalness that the characters have added vocal actors. More than excellent job.

They are treated under all this layer of mankind complex issues that will go more or less into the player, but that will not leave anyone indifferent. We do not believe at all that it is a game that aims to change lives, but it will upset you reconsider certain features. Personal development is a key element of her story. In fact, its entire history has to do with that, human growth and evolution. We see a protagonist who is wrong, a demanding mother, a gay father and paths to choose that will change a little dialogue of the story but will not affect its conclusion at all.

Blink and lose it

The clamor is consciously chosen as a transient element and interaction between the various parts of the story. We believe that he is abused in moments that are not important to the story and would be solved with a simple click, but fit perfectly with the concept it wants to convey: the impermanence of life. Every time we fail the story progresses. Of course, this is not always the case, otherwise the game may survive a sigh of relief. Some essential narratives are necessary to understand their story, but when the metronome is visible, if we fail, we will move on.

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This comes into play if you keep your eyes open you can watch that particular scene, learning more details to better understand and understand the situations our main characters go through. The most common is that you have to do it subconsciously or the detection will fail if we move. But here’s the really important thing is that it goes in again the reason for the blight on Before Your Eyes.

We can try to keep all possible ways without fussing to stay in that memory and learn more details about its history. However, blinking is as uncontrollable as time: it is inevitable and we must live with it, leaving those memories behind to face new ones.

in front of your eyes computer piano metronome keys

Ar Before Your Eyes They took the act of watching life deteriorate with the blink of an eye, and it works resourcefully despite its unique technical requirements. It should be noted that blink detection better than we expected, but there is still much to improve to explore this concept.

Will spend predisposition play Before Your Eyes. For the detection to be effective, the developers provide us within the game a clear graphic direction how the lighting should be and our posture. They are requirements that we understand are not available to all players, so make sure you meet these requirements so that you do not have the wrong experience.

before your eyes clouds sky spc draw richard boat

Our case is that we used a DSLR camera connected via USB, but it doesn’t matter what type of camera it is as long as it sends an image to our computer. Before we start the game we have to go through certain calibration systems to make sure our eyelids hold up well and we can recalibrate whenever we want.

Was that in the blink of an eye?

And while that was not the vision of the developers, it is true that we can play Before Your Eyes no camera required and using mouse only. In the game itself there is this option and the story is exactly the same. However, that immersive ability and the message they intend to convey is lost using the blink of an eye.

before your eyes bowed boatman icon sea wolf soul ship

On an art level, it follows that simple line of the story itself, but we don’t think it works properly. The animations are very robotic and sometimes move while still standing, getting rid of the immersion education that has also been achieved thanks to their piano soundtrack which will touch our most sensitive cord.


Bending as the main mechanic in Before Your Eyes comes in handy. It is able to transmit a series of feelings and emotions with such a gentle and humorous gesture thanks to an emotional, human and pure story. While it is true that they abuse it at unnecessary times and require the player’s willingness to fulfill a set of requirements such as the webcam or good lighting, their eye detection system works very well. Before Your Eyes has hit the nail to express what he wanted and deals with complex issues with surprising simplicity, so it will not leave anyone indifferent. Blink and you will lose it.

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