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With the fattening necessary to treat dementia through our eyes, Games 3 times manages to convey its message in a concise and direct way.

Humans tend to project their memories through material objects. It is normal, in a way, in a society like ours, where we are surrounded by things and things that belong to an individual. We recall identifiable entities. From lipstick, which immediately draws the image of its owner, to a bottle of cologne, whose smell also evokes a memory. Figures were closely related to the use of our memory. And that is, our memory, something asymmetrical, like a muscle that we have to train so that it does not weaken. Unfortunately, degradation is as organic as life itself. Before I forget, that is nothing more or less the reflection of a lifetime.

Claire Morwood and Chella Ramanan, members of the small 3-Fold Games studio, published in 2020 this first-person storytelling work in which we put ourselves under shoes Sunita, a woman suffering from early dementia and, for some reason, living alone waiting for answers. Why are you here? What is everything around you? Moving and sophisticated in its message, Before I forget I only ask for an hour of our time to explain the past and the past.; But she won’t do it alone, but we take her on a short tour through a house steeped in experiences, past moments killed by photography, press trimming, the sound of the piano, crumpled postcards, notes on the fridge. now it was translated into Spanish on Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch, where we analyzed it.

Before I forget

A love story told based on memories

The emotional charge of work is very high and, because of their particular abstract nature, everyone will recognize some of these emotions in different ways. Because it ‘s easy to identify with the message Before I Forget, but because it does not seek to confuse the concept of forgetfulness, but to naturally have a disease that you throw down a little, until you know where the kitchen of your house is or what is outside that door.

After the first few minutes, you start collecting things so that that gray world, that interaction with what you can touch with your hands, goes from gray to bright color. And the color, in your hands, recovers some of those memories. This is how the story of the work is written, whose storytelling process is slow at the same time as simple, even predictable, not for the decision so tender and tender. All pieces are fit. Everything makes sense when you open that drawer, when you read that old post waiting in your inbox … There is no virtue, there is no banishment. There is a reality and, as always, that reality stops being pleasant when you realize that one day you were and that you stopped being little by little.

Before I forget

Fortunately, and that is one of the messages that we have left from this provocative and sensitive story, Photography is positioned as a valuable resource to combat distraction. He’s moving to get newspaper headlines telling, in short, who Sunita always mentions. Today ‘s discovery based on quotes from the past. Special commentary on his soundtrack, composed by Dave Tucker.

I Forget not only talks to you about the person Sunita loved one day and continues to love, but also who she was before, what her concerns were and why inevitable changes took place. life sometimes; only emotions that inspire them. The inevitable, however, is what awaits us when we finish remembering the things that make you happy.

Fullness of night under the stars

It was not necessary to resort to extremely deep technical or mechanics division, despite the fact that there are times when you play in more traditional ways. 3-Fold Games surprised us, encouraged us and swallowed us hard with just an hour of images. Sounds they transmit without resorting to words. Heavy reality that shows why video games are able to reassure what you see on screen.

Before I forget
Before I forget


Before I forget to put on the shoes of someone with early dementia, you want to live from day to day. It invites you to find out by touching what you are looking for. He gets. Sunita, the main character, had a life that she is now eager for. He loved it, enjoyed images and moments of immortality based on images. You remember those moments the narrative channel to tell your story. The play lasts only an hour, enough to convey a valuable message.



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and has no serious flaws, although it lacks elements that could build it higher.

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