Banner Of The Maid, Review


We analyze Banner of the Maid, a strategy and role-playing video game with Azure Flame Studio set in the French alternative revolution.

Morning banner, developed by Azure Flame Studio, he surprised us by bringing a piece of the French revolution to our computers. He has done it by giving him a wonderful twist featuring Napoleon’s sister, Pauline Bonaparte, together with his brother in war: conquer territories, win battles and stop the riots in the city. It is worth finding out a title despite its limitations. We tell you why.

The game lets us lead our weapons in some of it the most famous battles in history Napoleon, she tells us, not faithfully, but brilliantly, incidents such as the necklace case or Queen Marie Antoinette’s famous phrase “Let them eat cakes” referring to the people staring not to buy or buy bread. . of feeding the French at that time.

Banner of the Maid, Review

Everything works out on the board

We will put ourselves in the shoes of Pauline Bonaparte, an intelligent young woman with hidden powers that they can change the course of the battle, which must lead the troops toward glorious victory. In The banner of the Maid there is more than one girl with hidden powers, all different, but just as useful, some will enter our ranks while others will only be part of the plot.

The main characters of the game bring the stories, the stories, the stories, and even drama, in a battle that never misses the opportunity to take us to the field.

Banner of the Maid, Review

The fight takes place in dynamic turn-based combat. Each unit has a series of movement squares and then some actions they can take. In making our strategy we will put the the strengths and weaknesses of our troops against those of the opposition. The type of terrain, its height, light and weather will affect troop performance, when in full battle it can start to rain and negatively affect Past tense. Of course, we will also consider other factors that could be used as bridges that only one unit can pass at a time and thus be able to address them one by one, or some obstacle we can break down to achieve our goal earlier.

The missions and decisions we make in the game force us to earn favor points from one faction or another, depending on who is in charge, and a sum of money, which is great for us to improve our equipment. In addition, in the missions we collect documents that we will use later in the militire ├ęcole to acquire new skills and advantages for combat.

The secret is in the mix

The title has some difficulty peaks that will take us to level-up missions, it would be better to be able to select the troops we need to send to the challenge, especially on occasions when characters are below the level required on us to face battle, but that stays. in the hands of the AI.

Banner of the Maid, Review

The banner of the Maid It places great emphasis on history, intrigues, political connections, favors … we have to be careful with the decisions we make, it is up to them to win the factions competing for power in Paris. Each faction controls a type of supply and will improve inventory if we do we build a reputation we have them.

The army that enters our army will have different backups and special abilities, which we can improve if we win their confidence, some will feature well-known characters in history such as Desaix, Lannes or Murat and others, the original characters of the game such as Charlotte or Paulette, who could perfectly get their name from an abolitionist tax system after the French revolution.

Banner of the Maid, Review

The game enjoys a a highly skilled and colorful aestheticIt mixes pixel and 2d art cases with an isometric perspective for battalions, manga-style during dialogue and interactions with other characters. He enjoys the historical figures on which the title is based in this alternate version featuring tall Napoleon, for example, with big hair. Curiously, some characters have more detail on shades and volume sensations in body and clothing, and a little less in the face, this is viewed in a very subtle way and unless we stop looking carefully. Marie Antoinette is where we saw the most contrast, as she hardly has any shadows on her face.

There are some special missions that do not follow the colorful aesthetic of the title, they are the The Story of the Maid. Count Mirabeau tells the story of the the first French Maid, Joan of Arc and he explains the story, like everything in this game, with a battle. In these special levels, the terrain is colorless, completely gray, we are given red enemies and blue allies, and it is so distinctive that there is only one right way to achieve the desired victory.

Banner of the Maid, Review

The music mixes styles, creating the right atmosphere at every moment of the title. It comes to life in the form of allies whose song helps us in battle, and even then, there is a moment when we have to recreate some melodies reciting a sequence. This little before them It is incorporated into the story of one of the characters, giving meaning to a relaxed touch in the game.

We are very surprised that it is translated into English, preserving the voices in Chinese while at the same time using some French expressions, which is undoubtedly a very cosmopolitan game.

Banner of the Maid, Review
Banner of the Maid, Review

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