Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Fair Secret, Review


We analyze the sequel to Atelier Ryza, Gust’s new studio franchise title, which follows the adventures of his main characters in a new adventure.

With almost 25 years behind it, the Atelier series is of some importance in its long journey dating back to 1997. From that time to the present day a number of titles given by the franchise themselves are aimed at various alchemists, women of the most, who lived. episodes across more than twenty titles collected so far. The first stages of the franchise in the western lands go back to PlayStation 2 times with the Atelier Iris trilogy and continued with the two Mana Khemia installments, the second of which was unpublished in Europe only reaching the United States, Strangely enough, their characters have appeared in other games such as the crossover RPG Cross Edge and most recently in the spin-off title of the Nelke franchise & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World.

We are currently getting the twenty-second title of the franchise featuring Reisalin “Ryza” Stout, the main character of the previous title in the series who returns to a new live adventure three years later and meets new characters as he meets together again. with old acquaintances.

Ryza arrives at the port bound by the kingdom’s capital, Ashra-am Bard, to investigate remnant origin given by Moritz Brunnen, Bos’ s father, to find out his true value. After reaching the capital and reuniting with Tao and Bos, the alchemist remarks that she settles in the city in a new restaurant. Tao’s research ancient legends of the kingdom, they take him to search and investigate until he finds mysterious ruins along with Ryza and Patty, a girl of noble descent who studies about the boy ‘s tutelage. As a result, the remnant of Ryza is an egg a mysterious creature that the alchemist calls Fii, which will be one of the key pieces to the mystery of the great adventure awaiting them to investigate the ancient legends and origins of this creature.

Lets game development visit the various areas of the capital of the kingdom, divided into several areas such as the academic, artisan or central, and some have shops where you can buy materials or equipment for the event. The difference this time is that Ryza will be able to improve product selection and the quality of the same provided in all of them Through Romy’s shop, a young merchant whom the alchemist meets in his first steps in the capital. For this, it will be necessary to offer and offer the various materials that you will find during your adventure it will act as experience points to enhance certain categories and increase your level, coming into effect on the items offered by each store the day after the upgrade, including rare items as various decorations for the Atelier. On the other hand, in Romy’s store you can find the gold coins, found in various parts of the game world as a chest or as a reward in certain times, to find unfamiliar materials.

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Fair Secret, Review

Another of the relevant places is the Coffee, from which you can access the order board to accept the requests that citizens regularly offer in order to receive a reward in exchange which also includes various materials and money, and many of them very simple when completed, which consists of delivering a quantity of a given object or chasing a certain number of monsters, although in some cases the difficulty will be given according to the type of object required to manufacture and / or obtain it or the level of the monster to be beaten. On this occasion, the orders will also be served increase Ryza ‘s reputation so that each one is finished, it will increase among the different groups of people in the city, framed in different categories like children, artisans, bandits, etc.

Finally the Atelier, where Ryza will live during the adventure and where she will synthesize items to progress through the adventure. While options are initially minimal, these will expand in the long run, particularly through the choice of the skills branch, and also things can be used to customize the same look. These items, which can be bought in stores or marked in a special way, can be fitted between different areas of the Atelier, including from things as simple as a sofa or tea table to unusual things like a column, a tree palm or the classic barrel, the traditional mark of the series, as well as various types of figures depicting some of the traditional objects and creatures of the series, such as the Puni or the fairies.

The alchemy choices suffer this time various modifications compared to previous games. The development of the main character’s abilities was linked to the increase in experience and the subsequent leveling of her abilities as an alchemist as she synthesized things, which in the long run meant the gradual unlocking of new abilities. On this occasion, the skill tree (Skill Tree) which will give different abilities and improvements to the same recipes and even by redeeming the points obtained based on the synthesis of objects and also by exploring the various investigations that will be opened while exploring the various ancient ruins during the main plot of the game. Capabilities including things like increasing the quality of crafted items, adding more content, improving the quantity and quality of materials collected from the field, or crafting collection tools (new programs for Ryza, ax, crescent, …) that can not only be used to acquire new subjects through various contextual actions in different areas but can also be used to hit enemies on the field and gain certain advantages while fighting, such as reducing defensive ability, attack, etc. enemies.

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Fair Secret, Review

On the other hand the synthesis process retains the characteristics of the previous game, select the necessary ingredients in the categories shown which have different elemental effects, adding unlock all available nodes, as long as this coincides with the element of the same, and increase the quality and add different effects to the object to be manufactured. Several elements can be added to the same node to achieve better performance, such as higher quality or effect, but once it reaches a limit, the synthesis process will go to the manufacturing stage of the object.

Among the various abilities of the skill tree, there are also some that will influence the process of getting things done, such as the prescription modification (Morph recipe) during the process, which allows, when accessing certain nodes, craft a different item and get its recipe automatically, which in the long run will allow to find recipes and new things more easily, although this option will not be available in some cases. Another option is the duplicating items through the multiplier boiler (Multiply), which will be automatically added to the Atelier when the option is unlocked, so you can generating copies of objects made with alchemy in exchange for a certain amount of gems, which can be obtained by using the option Gem Reduction, also available from the skill tree, allowing you to get a large number of them at the destroy ingredients not considered necessary. These will have the added purpose of being able to do different manufacturing elemental essences through another of the multiplier boiler options, which may used in the synthesis process to achieve beneficial effects for the object.

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Fair Secret, Review

Next the episode will be seen Puni, who has previously appeared in the previous game, and is able to improve his stat through offer materials to feed it, changing the effects for each of them so that they increase or decrease depending on the selection, reaching the point that it can emerge in different versions and then temporarily leave to return later leis materials with different properties for Ryza, accumulate experience and level up in the process.

Exploring the ruins, though not very different from the wild areas, because they are also full of enemies to be able to face and collect materials, if they include as the main feature of the carry out various investigations in each of them while carrying out certain tasks, such as collecting certain materials or finding certain objects in a cupboard, collecting them later in the exploration magazine and accessing them later. Each will offer a set of information that will key data missing this must be complemented by locating and collecting various fragments, crystals and remains with the necessary information to solve them using the Compass of the Moment (Memorial Compass). When used, it will display the locations of the nearest points and the type, which is indicated by different colors. Once collected, the data provided by each investigation is sufficient and find the fragments that match the information needed to solve the measurement and complete it, advancing the exploration of the ruins by increasing its percentage and, in turn, gaining the skill points necessary for the adventure.

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Fair Secret, Review

Progress in exploration it will require the use of Ryza’s alchemy skills do things to solve an obstacle, getting the necessary recipes for such a need in the process, and it will also be necessary to face certain enemies with great power. In another aspect, they can be achieved exploration objects in the process as a flute to be able to summon a beast to move quickly or a bracelet that will allow you to settle large distances, giving access to other areas in certain areas of the field. In this feature you can too craft other useful articles with Alchemy like the traditional fishing rod or candy that will allow you to explore underwater areas, for example. In other cases it will be necessary purification of contaminated shards, expressed by a dark aura in the form of a monster, and certain vests provide warehousing services for the purchase of materials or other objects.

The combat system continues to offer its usual turn-based scheme, this time expressed by a bar at the bottom right of the screen showing the action of allied and enemy characters as they approach the central part of it, but offering a certain touch that gives it a certain style that is close to the action, especially for the characters controlled by the AI ​​and the focus of the camera while controlling the character, be able to alternate between characters in the middle of the opponent and even switch to others equipped in the back. The result is in this aspect a more agile game system in its development and that it is very addictive in the long run, that it is related in a certain way that it is similar, though it saves the distances, to the one of Ar Tonelico II. One of the novel features is the introduction of the breaking bar (Pause) which will be filled as it gets damaged and when it reaches its maximum, it will be removed for a limited time, making attacks easier and the damage it gets bigger. This skin will apply to both enemies and allies.

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Fair Secret, Review

During the combat they will be able to perform basic acts of attack and defense, which they will gain with them action points (AP), in the first case by connecting a series of attacks in a chain and in the second by making a fair guard at the moment the enemy attacks. These points may be used for the attack skills of the control character, each at a fixed amount cost. By their repeated use they will affect the barra tactics, increase their level and grant some improvements during combat such as increasing the effectiveness of these skills or accumulating a greater amount of AP, through which more chain attacks can be made and thus more attack power and damage to the target. set to achieve.

Things can be used through the option Item Rush, but for this it will be necessary to previously equip them through the menu Core Crystal, a It allows to carry up to four objects per character for various purposes, ranging from bombs and other offensive items, as well as medical or support items. However, its use must not accumulate CC points, which is gradually achieved by carrying out chain attacks and fulfilling the requests of the allies, with the option to select the necessary ones at any time and at a variable cost depending on the selection made. Outside of combat, healing items may be used by throwing points from the CC bottle until they are exhausted, returning to the Atelier is enough to reload it automatically.

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Fair Secret, Review

At certain times in combat it will be necessary Active Command to be executed by the controlling character, which means that an attack on a physical or magical element is used, depending on a request from the ally, in such a way that the allies use their Ordering Skill, a technique with a different effect that will facilitate combat, offering situations such as using a special attack technique or a support skill that enhances the group ‘s attack or defense. In some cases the enemy may reject these through its elemental affinity, leaving the technique unaffected by the technique.

Going in to evaluate play content, Atelier Ryza 2 retains the foundations established within the franchise and has been improving through the last installments, in this new installment offer a much more affordable level in combat and synthesis. The opponents of this event bring a closer touch to the action style, which is reflected by the camera’s perspective and the fact that the allies are controlled by the AI, but without losing the classic turn-based system, being in there alternate the Control between each of the characters and use their different abilities to chase the enemies. Probably the various features that this system offers are, chaining attacks by throwing AP and Command Skills an interesting incentive that makes fighting a little addictive in the long run. The same can be said of the alchemy system that offers the various options it offers to achieve higher quality objectives, for practical purposes, by unlocking the various options of the skill tree, which greatly facilitates the process, it takes an entertaining time to take a try. For his part the development of the main story is quite slow, progress through events highlighted in consultation with the map, be able to interact with the others of a secondary nature that will appear in the capital and that will involve the various characters Ryza gets in his adventure, between his battle companions and other less relevant characters.

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