Art Of Rally, Xbox And Switch Review. For Driving Pleasure


We analyze Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of Funselektor’s valuable unique driving title. Lights and shadows between platforms.

Art of Rally is a special, unique video game. The driving genre has a sweet time. Not only because of the quality of the proposals, but also because of the freshness and idiosyncrasy of many of the new arcade contestants that are becoming part of the medium. From Hotshot Racing to Horizon Chase Turbo, not to forget the Crash, Sonic, Mario Kart or the Need for Speed, Forza Horizon and Dirt now. Therefore, Is there a place for the most horrible productions on the indie scene? Art of Rally does its best to make it clear that it does, that rally games have something to say beyond the classic formula.

At a time when there was a coup dÔÇÖ├ętat in the Lonely Mountain Downhill or OlliOlli, rowing upstream with the old, we forgot about the power of graphic to focus on challenge, reflection and game mechanics. You against the clock, your skill and perseverance. In our original Review of Art of Rally we have already pointed out that it was very significant that it came to PC, that Funselektor Labs managed to enjoy the hardest thing, after identity.

The art of rally

Drive, see, calculate; Enjoy the ride

Access to consoles Xbox and Nintendo switch A warm welcome (coming soon to PlayStation) in this writing; so much for the possibility of taking this valuable title to us low-pole anywhere to be able to always install it on Xbox, already available on Xbox Game Pass. This Review process includes lights and shadows, aimed at assessing the work done with the port for both platforms. On the one hand, it’s a positive thing to bring the game to smart hardware like the Xbox Series, where loading times are a thing of the past; on the other hand, the bittersweet feeling that you missed much of the hybrid console experience.

The camera location is perfect in Art of Rally, on consoles too. Believe us, though images or videos can be seen as a classic arcade game from top to bottom, leaving little visibility for what came next, Funselektor’s work focuses the camera shot at a high enough position to convey a sense of speed while providing balanced coverage from left to right.

The art of rally

To be honest, after playing it last year on a monitor with its PC version, the first thing that came to mind was “it’s a game designed for the Nintendo Switch”, and that’s certainly the case, but the port is not excellent; it is far from it. First because HD resolution does not reach in laptop mode, a drag that affects many adaptations in this system recently and years ago. Therefore, the gameplay does not look as defined and sometimes obscure. To make matters worse, 60 CCTs are not reached, which is very sensitive, especially when indoors Xbox and PC we have such a smooth and comfortable experience, no wrinkles. Shame Generally 30 FPS on Nintendo Switch, but we promise you that drops, pop-in, semi-loaded textures. Eventually, the drawing length is much shorter, there is hardly any grass in the environment, the trees are loading little by little … Due to this lack of polygonal loading the steps become more empty as, in in fact, they are almost empty.

One positive aspect of game design is the a great balance between challenge, fun and accessibility. We can configure options to help with the braking, transmission and difficulty of the AI, thus facilitating the comfort of all players. You can adapt the experience to the controls and not the other way around, one of the big walls of motion sports simulation video games usually do. We have a good difficulty curve, with tests that increase their complexity at the same rate as our driving skills.

Portability is not enough: problems on Nintendo Switch

It may take some getting used to at first, but it does take a few hours to get the point of shocks, play with the accelerator and brake. The keys are to slip and, consequently, to bring a cornice to bring the slip to half the slip at certain times and always keep in mind when and how to start braking. Playing nicely, to understand each other, you go into the “zone” and feel that everything flows. Excellent translation of controls on Xbox thanks to analog stimulators; It can be improved on Nintendo Switch because it does not respond to pressure, they are digital buttons that understand only two signals, maximum acceleration or no acceleration.

The art of rally

The concept is still full, it is love letter for the life of the rally. A journey that begins in the sixties and reflects on the way to high-speed vehicles and B cars in the early 1980s. Because they are different from each other, it’s very difficult not to recommend artof rally, even if the game experience ends itself exhausted due to the limited variety of scenarios and improvised design of some of its scenarios. There is a time when you have the feeling that you are always doing the same thing, and it is a great shame. In all, more than 50 cars and 72-stage race in career mode that brings us to Japan, Norway, Finland, Sardinia, Germany … or Kenya, a newcomer who arrives at PC and consoles with 6 new case. They look like mockups drenched in color.

The updated policy is commendable since its release on PC. There is plenty of content, for several dozen games thanks to its unlock; all this without counting the reusable part of this type of work in itself: stand by it, keep going, reduce the latter in that layout. Online rankings guarantee bits and encourage improvement. If you just want to relax, the free driving mode is a success.

The art of rally

We performed this Review via download code provided by Future Friends Games for Nintendo Switch and via Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X.

The art of rally

There is something that does not change: the pleasure of simply driving

The art of rally
4K and 60 FPS on Xbox Series X, plus analog triggers. So yes.


Art of Rally is a unique experience as it manages to combine the frenzy of the rally with the satisfaction of taking away ways around the world. A thoughtful title with delightful discipline, as well as demand. On Xbox the experience is the same as on PC, and in addition to taking advantage of the reduced Xbox Series load times and full gameplay fluidity, at 60 FPS. The game looks great on screen. Another story is Nintendo Switch, with a poor port, barely reaching 30 FPS and having performance problems. Undoubtedly, Art of Rally is a very worthwhile game … on PC and Xbox, on Nintendo Switch we can’t recommend it.

THE BEST _____

  • Excellent port on Xbox: 4K and 60 FPS.
  • Content overload and the arrival of Kenya.
  • Pleasure behind the wheel; a tribute to the life of bullying.
  • His art, gives personality.


  • Performance, pop-in, and CCT issues fall on Switch.
  • Certain steps are very similar.

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