Archer C5400X By Tp-link, Review


3 band gaming router

Many competitive gaming enthusiasts seek to improve the connectivity of their devices through specialized routers. On this occasion we had the opportunity to evaluate for a month the Archer C5400X by tp-link, a remarkable team that imposes immediately, is this enough to be the best way to streamline our games as we play? We present our impressions here

Undoubtedly, its 8 antennas help a lot in the connection section, but it has a small flaw, you can’t replace them and if you live in places with more than one wall this can affect connectivity, i in fact, on the second floor there was no more separation. 2 meters with the router, the connection was lost 20%. Another of the tests we did was in a room that was horizontal less than 5 meters away with only one wall, we lost 30% of the connectivity. In both exercises, the data transfer intensity was reduced by 300 mbs. Testing the connection starting from where we had the router installed within 10 meters, we completely lost connectivity with only 1 wall between them.

Archer C5400X by tp-link, Review

The fact of the matter is that if your connection is less than 100 mbps, the data transfer changes are practically imperceptible and if you add that it has 3 bands, you can distribute your devices in all of these to have the best connections. For example, 3 consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Switch) and gaming PCs are distributed in the 5 Ghz band, TVs in the other 5 Ghz and smartphones in 2.4 Ghz, all with a symmetric connection of 100 Mbps. In the tests, we found a 7 GB video game download Playstation 4 in 30 minutes, watch a YouTube video in 4K on TV, use three smartphones and play Apex Legends sa OMEN X 2S that we recently evaluated at the same time, all of this without affecting any of the processes, which is extremely significant.

For those equipped with Killing priorityThis device does not include it, although it has an interface where you can assign them manually and for those who want to make a direct connection via the ethernet cable, this gadget has a patent that doubles the speed of these connections.

Archer C5400X by tp-link, Review

Connectivity rating: 9

The interface of the Android or iOS app is friendly, it shows the bandwidth you have at that moment and you can customize each of the three available bands with standalone passwords, regardless of how many devices are on line at the same time. On another screen you can see which devices are on each band and how much data they are consuming.

What we really liked including parental control, anti-virus and priority administration of the devices, this will be appreciated by gamers while playing critical games.

Archer C5400X by tp-link, Review

Within the anti-virus control, you can enable and disable potentially dangerous malware, intrusions and quarantine devices.

In the priority controls you can decide what you want connectivity to focus on:

Archer C5400X by tp-link, Review

Finally, it integrates a menu of tools that give you access to various functions such as setting up a guest network, removing the keys from your networks in case you forgot them, network diagnostics, updates, and so on. All of the above can be controlled directly from a computer through its web interface.

What is appreciated is that it is compatible with it Alexa and IFTTT, although it is not currently available in the region, but here it will only be a matter of time.

Software rating: 9

This router imposes at first glance because of the number of antennas it has with its red finish, but as we have already mentioned, it is unfortunate that you cannot divert the antennas to optimize the direction of the signal.

Design Rating: 9


The Archer C5400X from tp-link is without a doubt one of those routers aimed at everyone who wants to take competitive gaming a little more seriously without affecting the connectivity of your home, by having a band, protection by software and a friendly interface, make it a strong candidate to have at home.

THE BEST _____

  • Antivirus included
  • Intuitive interface
  • Great power


  • You cannot reset the antennas
  • Killer has no priority

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