AllStars Deletion, Review. Glory Or Destruction


We analyze the new exclusive for PS5, which is available for download for PS Plus members, a title that seeks to bridge the gap between the competing proposals of the moment.

Delete AllStars It is one of Sony ‘s bets with PS5 for 2021. The game, is available for download at PS Plus and advertised at a price close to 80 euros but currently only available with the aforementioned subscription, it has become an exciting name along with Ultimate Control for the Japanese company ‘s new generation console. The proposal? A competitive court title in which we have to destroy the other cars in different locations, with different rules and characters with special abilities. There are some Rocket series in the approach, also in the heroshooters. And there’s a desire to turn it into a recurring game that accompanies it. Play games with friends. So far, the initial proposal it has good ideas, although it is scarce in some ways.

Lucid Games It boots us a series of experienced pilots, each of whom is more different in design, who must jump into one of the four available arenas to fight vehicles against up to 16 players. We are not facing a new driving arcade, but a competitive multiplayer… With cars. Available until April 6 with PS Plus, and at the moment I don’t know how to get it later, the proposal is as simple as jumping running with our character, getting on a car and starting to stamp ourselves with the others.

Game modes

The game mechanics are adopted quickly and without a problem. We accelerate and brake with the triggers. The button is added circle, which allows us to make a normal arcade handheld that is capable of us rotate 180 degrees and start fast. The way to influence others can be done in a normal way, reaching them at our standard speed, or using the turbines that have only a few seconds of rest before they are reused. There are two: a front one, which allows us to drive ourselves forward; and a lateral head to beat to the side.

The drive is finished with capabilities of each of the characters we have to choose. While playing, we fill a bar that allows us to launch a special program, and there are all sorts. From a character who improves his initial attacks to another who builds a gigantic stripper with insta-kills, through a bomb that takes out all the rivals in a large radius or through an ability that takes spikes to attack and defend ourselves, adding more points than in the normal situation.

delete allstars ps5 review

All this i original development de the games. When our car is broken, or if we break it because we hit the walls too much, our character jumps on the road and, on foot, we have to look for another car. While dodging enemies. As you run up the walls doing Parkour. Or while activating character abilities that allow you to go faster, jump twice, or even defend yourself on cars. This proposal allows us to collect some crystals that fill the bar of specialists. And when we reach a new car, then again to seek the impact with others.

Various vehicles are available. From the smallest, very fast and very fit to do like wasps, stinging and running; even the fairest in all their stats or in the big ones, slower but keep the beats better and when they attack, they actually do damage. These are added to the special cars that come out when we activate our special attack.

Single player… Freemium?

All of this explains the general operation of the game, and we need to increase the possibility of stealing cars from other competitors in its QTE mini. Now yes, all the rules are on the table. And how do you play? Well, in an agile way and learning game after game. First you start by turning the cars and launching the turbines at the wrong time. Then you realize that it is best to change your way forward, know when the attacks can be activated and take advantage of moments of chaos to get a slice. You realize that hitting and bouncing off the wall gives you more points and abandoned cars, while not giving too much, add something.

delete allstars ps5 review

The IS experience it’s getting bigger craic As the games go by, you grab some of the heroes and control the space of the stages. But it is there, when you already have some dominance over the situation, that the game is not scarce in its proposal. There is a certain boom and bust in the development of the games when you are not in the zones of anyone and the vehicles are far away, and there are problems with some influences that sometimes, due to the connection or the physical ones, do not count the points. When you have moments of fluency, the game works. But in others it weighs a certain arrhythmia, perhaps also because of the length of the games. In short, the possibilities and care of the cars do not integrate the parts of our character without the vehicle, making them unusable parts, even if it is obliged to collect some crystals or the occasional improvement.

This is also seen in certain game modes. The biggest one is Mayhem, a 16-player mode in which the most important thing to score points is to be first of all. The chance of crashing and rammed is higher here than elsewhere, which is the main arcade mode. Fun and entertaining, but it is true that playing alone has a more limited route in the long run, which adds to the few maps (four) available, very similar visually but with nuances at a level. the design. More successful is Carnado, the team game in which we must not only collide with the other cars, but collect gears and put them in the middle of the game. This development of the games is becoming increasingly successful, as it allows us to gamble by holding a vehicle to add more points (and risk destroying us when we go to play them). exchange) to the life of the car and decide when our special attacks can be activated. Here we are allowed to play with groups of friends, and this makes the game better.

AllStars Deletion, Review. Glory or destruction

Gridfall, by itself, is the other single-player mode in which we must try not to fall into a stage that goes smaller and smaller and the stage shorter. Very Battle Royale style, with a step closer than other modes but not overly motivated as a modality. On the other hand, and to finish with the modes, we have Stockpile, in which we have to control different teams by teams, in the purest Dominion style, and where we can collect gears from competing cars to control the belts, but the this time going down from our own, on foot. The proposal, which is on a slightly fuller paper, will complete its development irregular for the above, use and role the characters without the cars.

One of the negative surprises we discovered precisely in the options for playing offline. The title on the one hand suggests playing an arcade mode with robots according to the modalities we have online, so far as well. But there is also a suggestion of challenges in which we can acquire new cosmetics (to equip characters and vehicles) and explore the lore of the characters, their competitions and motivations, which can be achieved with the paid currency. There are two types of coins, those that we get by playing and that we can exchange in the store for all these things, authors, dances and paraphernalia that are already common in today’s titles, and on the other hand, the PDs, which are bought with real money and give us a choice on those matters.

delete allstars ps5 review

Free we have a Mutual appreciation, a series of challenges between Jian and Ultimo Barricado with suggestions and challenges to be resolved in various stages. But the rest is paid. There are currently two events underway, Pack Leader in which Lupita has a plot of revenge against Sgt. Rescue and temporary event where we are invited to achieve objectives in 7 different challenges. Pays 200 and 400 PD respectively (500 PD is 4.99 euros). A discussion model to present the lore of the characters and offline content, especially since we don’t know how the game will sell out when it leaves the Plus in April.

Technical Division

At the audio-visual level, the title does its job without too much waiting. In some effects, such as explosions and lighting, we appreciate the proposal, but on an artistic level the title ends as a combination of trends and suggestions that do not seem to be the most original, especially if we focus on the modeling of the characters. The title goes to 60 frames for second, although at some times there is some downturn, the most negative of which is some physics and some reactions of vehicles under certain influences, indicating that they are burned in an unexpected way. , although it is not very common to see, but it is present. The most colorful of the proposal is everything related to impacts, explosions and peak moments with special attacks, which come with limits in terms of soundtrack – which does not exist during games – but good sound effects and good dubbing into Spanish.

AllStars Deletion, Review. Glory or destruction

For DualSense, the adaptive triggers, although the best thing to take out of order is the vibration. It is gratifying to note the steps of our character running, or the shaking on one side and the other side of the vehicle by every minute, and it is also well implemented without being a proposal to we could be deprived of the game when we compete with victory.


Destruction AllStars comes up with great ideas to make a fun and simple online multiplayer proposition. The concept of vehicles collides with each other in a field, with special attacks and other capability works and, for several hours, they entertain. In addition, modes like Carnado provide some strategy and fun if we have friends to share equipment. But the feeling is that the experience is scarce in the subject: of the four modes, two are few, and the development of the games ends over and over again in the long run, and the moments on foot have to be recaptured. add, less than experience the car game, car change, etc. The four areas currently available do not help, although there is a good variety of characters with differentiated abilities. The scarcity of offline content, and the most interesting payout in the game, suggests that Destruction AllStars could bring much more of itself. We will see if the proposal succeeds in elevating the proposed new updates and content soon. When we talk about bumping into others, dodging and sprinting, it works. But the rest cannot reach the goal in time.

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