Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Review. We Need Another Rescue Operation


We analyze the new game in the alien saga, which does not stand out as an alien game or as a cooperative third – person shooter without being completely bad.

It makes sense for Aliens: Fireteam Elite to come out in August because Alien games are like summer love. They reach, break your heart and disappear forever leaving you wondering what could be. That’s exactly what happens with Fireteam Elite, a third-person cooperative shooter that certainly doesn’t do as badly as Aliens: Colonial Marines (and could actually be defined that way, as it must have been the Gearbox game), but does not deflect our favorite games Alien, Predator and AvP. Killing with alien skins kills not recommended for single sticks and although there is some sparkle, especially in terms of settling, it lacks the necessary content, variety and quality live in a genre full of better suggestions.

Overall, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a cooperative – oriented action title that can lead to a big problem when you have it. nefarious match that makes it practically impossible to play online with strangers. You are warned: have a team with a few friends or you will have to pull bots … with all that implies. You can’t give them orders, they don’t use turrets or special ammunition, the enemy’s AI seems to come right after us, and so on. With bots, the highest difficulties are no longer an option, so they disappear from the only endgame of the game and with it much of its useful life. It is absurd. For three strangers to form a concurrent group, all three must be looking for a session on the same level and difficulty at the same time. Since there are twelve levels and six difficulties, it does this A total of 72 “modes” to choose from (or more if we add horde mode). You are sharing and dealing with a fatal blow to a community that has just given birth and is as vulnerable as it is small.

Terrible match

Let’s add other factors so we’re also divided into geographical areas, any cross-platform play and we cannot participate in games in hand. Lobbying or anything. Even if we drop out of a session with a friend, there is no choice but to start and repeat the level from scratch. For not, on PC there is no option for voice chat. Thanks (or whatever) for Discord and surrogates. If an alien: Fireteam Elite aims to be a service game with a loyal base behind it, Cold Iron Studios should correct matching urgently. Its current situation has no meaning or explanation.

It seems crucial to play with others as, alone, Aliens: Fireteam Elite doesn’t have much fun to say. The proposal is honest and repetitive one level all visible. Its structure is reflected in the dictionary next to the definition of monotony. First we go down a corridor killing xenomaphrophs that tend to come in a straight line one after the other (Darwin Prize candidates). Then we go to a larger area that needs cleaning and where then we have to push a button, join ourselves and survive an enemy horde attack. Then we go into another corridor and start over, more of the same. So until the end of the level. Shoot in tunnels and keep out in squares over and over again, just like on Earth Day.

Aliens: Fireteam elite

In the company of the company, by being able to organize and deploy the strategies according to the strategies, we will be able to increase and ease the difficulty, which still kills. As the level of challenge increases, the cooperative looks much bigger and it’s important to know how to properly combine and select the skills, weapons, and power of our character. And on the subject of customization, we agree that winning is not pay, but we read out then that it does not have micropayments either and that is not true in the end. Season pass and some packages for sale unlock by paying for exclusive classes and various cosmetics the opposite is not possible, or not so fast. So, there are some micro-transactions and shortcuts that can be put out for a few weeks. If we look like this a few days after he leaves, we begin to tremble.

It’s unfortunate that we have so much variety of enemies and levels because of the game ends up looking like a farming simulator, and even with friends it gets tedious. You have to repeat the same thing over and over again to level up and get rewards that prepare us for… wait, nothing? Exactly, not at all. There comes a point, long before everything is unlocked, about ten hours of play, in which we already have a building that is adequate and left to face at any level. Then the thing ends sink, well we repeat aimlessly and aimlessly. Maybe get some achievement or a trophy, just get passionate or try other classes and roles in our group, but not much else. The developer promised to launch new campaigns and updates in the future, but the base material is thin.

Gambling is not fun, but your friends may be

The four campaigns from which it comes, from three levels each, finished in a few evenings As much as we raise the difficulty, I said, we will no longer have incentives to play sooner rather than later. In farming week we will have completely burned this Alien. What’s worse is the feeling that I could say a lot more if it weren’t for that certain design decisions are questionable. For example, the layout of enemies and traps hardly change between games. Some automatic turrets change to mines, or vice versa, and more or less special enemies come out, but they are all changes. The development of the levels is always the same and we will even learn in our hearts where certain aliens are waiting who think we are so idiot and fall into the same scare eight times.

Aliens: Fireteam elite

The same thing happens with rhythm of each game. We can’t raise a level in the plan “let’s run it and finish it as soon as possible, like crazy”. It’s a suicide strategy, but very funny in some contexts and also, that never worked Left 4 dead? A routine where things get complicated and a “fool” survives. It’s impossible here because there are doors that do not open until everything is clear. But be careful because if we slow down, roll the order, check every corner and inspect every room, the game “rewards” us annoying infinite respawn which forces us to increase speed and not go too fast or too slow. Indicate that you are with two bots because the match failed and you have to go to the bathroom for a minute, well, you can not pause, but do not wait because a handful of xenomaphrophy comes to have fun. You cannot choose the rhythm in which you play, the setting of the levels is always the same … As we said, the formula wears out very quickly, but sometimes it happens because of studio decisions rather than the size of the initial content. It’s okay to give users more will.

Something similar happens to the variety of creatures. Yes synthetics and various types of xenomorph (annoying facehuggers included), but few people crave about their design. Although visually different, they all attack the same: first they run towards us without defending themselves or worrying about emptying a magazine in them, then they jump on us when they are nearby, we prepare QTE to get rid of their adoption and to finish them with another magazine. It only changes their appearance and ability as bullet sponges. Paper varies, in numbers, but it is not reflected in experience. Sometimes, Aliens: Fireteam Elite seems to be confusing their own ideas.

Aliens: Fireteam elite

It’s impossible not to think of Left 4 Dead for its approach (cooperative, four campaigns, going from point A to point B, fast action and first aid kit, first aid) and Gears of War for its usability (third person shooter with covers, comes and different character classes with different abilities). Unfortunately, Aliens: Fireteam Elite Pales Near the two. Left 4 Dead, for example, had the same number of event campaigns, but had more different designs and scenarios, better maps and an arrangement of elements that varied significantly from session to session. Not to mention that there were other modes like versus, teams of four, freedom in the rhythm of the game and on top of that we had more satisfying gunplay without satisfaction. For Gears, the choices and possibilities of the mode, not only horde but also escape, bring out the colors of the game Cold Iron Studios. Again there are more characters per game, more classes, more skills and interests, more enemies so we could continue to Infinity. Another world. Not to mention their gunplay and cover system, which we had problems with here from time to time. Aliens are a combination of both, more limited options and a much worse realization. It does not stand out as an alien game or as a genre proposal.

On an audio-visual level, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a game that deceives. At the start in through the eyes and one might even think that there are graphics. It is both attractive and appealing. The surfaces shine as if they were just scratched, the number of xenophobia on the screen is impressive and throughout the screen we see a large succession of light effects, particles and especially interface changes. It even reaches 4K and 60fps on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S. However, while playing we discover that this first impression is made of cardboard, there is something false, as if curtain to hide a large number of defects, see some empty steps and no kind of interaction or destruction ability other than the typical explosive barrels that inspired so many people. Because not only is the technical a matter of casting and framing, but it also includes that AI enemy that doesn’t even know how to advance and advance like automaton, or those bots that go on the mines all that is on the ground. Same with the graphics, which have their advantages, but at the same time they include orthopedic animation, or details as ugly as the characters that do not move their mouths as they talk to us to give us our missions, and at that point they are practically in the foreground. That’s all graphics too. The more we play, the more the initial perceptions fade away. It’s deeper than we thought and there are lights and shadows, although there is more of the former, that must be acknowledged.

Aliens: Fireteam elite

The site compensates for those “graphic shadows” and even causing himself to give the title a shot. He may trust many things, but give us all the fan service in the world as long as it is good. From the many details of the Endeavor, the ship that serves as the HUB to prepare the missions, to the design of the Marines’ armor, the new xenomorphs and the planet LV-895. Tribute to the movie saga with continuous references and Easter eggs, especially with Aliens: The Return, Cameron’s film, but also with later installments such as Prometheus and Alien: Covenant (hopefully some human enemies infected by true black substance). The first round of the campaign is a joy and we look forward to opening the door to the next corridor to see what’s waiting behind. It is true that Alien tension is lost: Isolation and the semaphores do not give fear or sense of danger, but this can be alleviated in the highest difficulties. I hope that future updates will go even deeper into the lore of Ridley Scott’s work.

Farming as the backbone

Same for the soundtrack, a new tribute to Goldsmith scores, and the story, set 23 years after alien events 3 and true to the heart of the series, without the license and contradictions of our friend Lindelof. Nevertheless, the same thing happens here as in the rest of the game and that is that the plot is intertwined with it. lousy story. We are told the things in the Effort, both through missions and through overriding texts that you do not have too much time for when one is with friends. They often go unnoticed and overwhelmed, which is very unfair and does not allow us to appreciate the comprehensive documented work behind it, its success and coherence. Some cinematic sequences before they start (drivable) or better radio dialogue and interactive scenarios would not hurt. The history he has little background, lore when we can not contact our friends and kill time on the menus.

Aliens: Fireteam elite
Aliens: Fireteam elite

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