About: Turn – One Way Trip, Review. One Way Trip


We analyze Re: Turn – One Way Journey, a title developed by studio Red Ego Games, which presents his pixelart aesthetic horror work coming to PC, Ps4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

What will be the trains we like so much? Comfort, speed … No, this time the thing is not going there. We cannot deny that they are something that we enjoy and that goes beyond their original function of moving from one place to another. We can’t help it. We must not neglect the added value of the spectacle looking through its windows and getting lost in its landscapes, listening to the hypnotic sound of a trotting on its rails and allowing ourselves to be carried by that mysterious Hello who has so much characteristic of them ever since. am immemorial. Exactly if we have learned something in all these years, it is that trains become the perfect setting for all those incomprehensible things. We analyze Re: Turn – Trip one way, a title developed by the studio Red Ego Games, which presents a pampered pixelart aesthetic of his horror work that reaches PC, Ps4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This time, we boarded a train that will only travel with a one-way ticket, so we already said on the way, I wish you luck.

Re: Turn – Trip one way it tells the story of five college boys who are on a camping trip. This trip will be special for them, and the last one is that they will all do together as students. As for facing adulthood, responsibility and real life, tonight may be the last chance to live together. This is where our adventure begins, in a dark night telling some stories around a fire. Perhaps it might be something different that might seem like socializing in a cave cave from the beginning of mankind, telling stories around a bonfire today. These stories are a declaration of secrecy in the light of the moon, which warns us just before we begin that something is coming. And nothing is further from the truth, since this is the main mystery we have in it Re: Turn – Trip one way. After a sudden fog in the forest, Saki, our main character, finds her friends in the dark, and to her surprise, she comes across an old abandoned train car. While anyone in their right mind would decide to ignore it and move on with it, Saki goes on a journey he wishes he had never done.

About: Turn - One way trip, Review. One way trip

The discord train

With a Scroll side 2D and elegant pixelart aesthetic, we put ourselves in the shoes of Saki, one of the young students on the camping trip. Our journey focuses on the journey we take on a seemingly abandoned train that transports us to another era. In this era, set around World War II, we revisit the train, and its respective passengers. The title plays to change scenery and characters, moving rapidly from the past to the present. These changes are visible at first glance by looking at the state of the train, where we went from one luxury wagon, to another abandoned and practically in ruins. During our journey, we enter a scene that has been completely altered and twisted over time, inhabited by supernatural forces. We expect you first – and while it may seem otherwise – that we don’t have a normal horror title in front of us this time, really if we had to define Re: Turn – Trip one way, we can say that it is an adventure and puzzle title from start to finish.

With lateral gameplay, we move from left to right, collect all the objects we find in our path and solve the riddles they impose on us promote your compelling story. With a simple aesthetic and look it is possible to recall a visual novel (with its elegant hand-drawn vignettes), Re: Turn: Trip one way he manages to tell his own story in a strong way. Despite the unique aspects of the supernatural horror we find in it, the game raises the idea of ​​how a group of young people deal with the implications and concerns of leaving school and addressing maturity. A story based on relationships and the emotions that dissolve its various main characters. One of the interesting features is the concept of how time travel through the train presents us, deepening the personal connections between different characters. From here, we will know different opinions and times, until we get our own version of what happened.

The game boasts a decent amount of subliminal messages and references of the genre through it specific timelines and character stories are consistently intertwined. Go into an exciting atmosphere full of mystery and unfamiliar things, as well as make some references to the most classic Japanese horror. Sometimes some of his site shows us very obvious moments (suicide, corpse) even though he does so with a friendly graphic style that doesn’t fit the “obvious terror” we all know. On the other hand, the game uses sound effects very well to find us in its stages, although the background music that accompanies us will be quite scarce during our journey there. Re: Turn ‘s intentions are clear with the player, as he does not ask us to jump out of the chair, but decide a story full of questions with a magnifying glass and a flashlight in hand.. The study of Red Ego Games wanted to explore its history and key game mechanics: puzzle solving.

The puzzles found in Re: Turn are consistent and challenging, not because of its excessive difficulty (some harder than others we find), but because it is what keeps us afloat in history. We get from the typical simple lock and the core puzzles, to more complex puzzles that we have to solve with paper and pen in hand. Among these, they will present us with various challenges, such as dismantling a piano sheet music, opening up simple mechanisms, until they find the key to other more complex and less basic electronic elements.

2D horror atmosphere with spoiled pixelart style

One of the disadvantages of the title is that it is simple not much room to go. The train is divided into two parts and our character will walk from end to end between them. Saki won’t be able to run from the start, but we can unlock this option later, which will make our views and events take longer than usual. The game uses a metroidvania system, in which we have to backtracking -go and return- repetitive to progress in its history, as a routine a sometimes it will break the magic and immersion in the game. Stepping on the same space again is something that has managed to capture other titles effectively, but in this case, the simple 2D structure of their environments coupled with the frequency of forced replaying, the same effect is not achieved this time. As its name suggests, we are always in “Re: Turn” in every aspect.

About: Turn - One way trip, Review. One way trip

The game has a good story to tell. It starts out strong, jumping between time periods as we slowly rebuild the causes of each of its characters, but its setting is too limited – and simple – to stay strong until the end. With a good start and striking scenery in the first few hours of play, over time you will be able to fall a little short due to initial expectations.

Overall it is a good compliment. It has a basic story and makes good use of its characters, but we can say that as the hours go by it is a title that stays on the surface in terms of the expectations created at the beginning. After about 4 or 5 hours of playing, the title leaves us feeling cold that something else is missing despite generally having a good gaming experience. Undoubtedly, if the studio had made a bigger bet on the sound environment or more complex gameplay, it would obviously have distinguished it from other similar indole titles. A title that starts strong, but in the end the most interesting thing is to be aware of the reasons why their characters are pushed to bring them to their truly important circumstances.

About: Turn - One way trip, Review. One way trip
About: Turn - One way trip, Review. One way trip

Magnifying glass and flashlight on hand

About: Turn - One way trip, Review. One way trip
About: Turn - One way trip, Review. One way trip

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