A Short Hike, Review. Journey With Your Eyes Open


Motion and simplicity as talents to move us to a place where we can disconnect and stop thinking, where reality is not so sharp. A message of hope.

What does a headband need to be a lucky headband? These are the questions you usually ask yourself in the world of A Short Hike, where you can disconnect, gain strength and return to that life that takes a rhythm you don’t choose, where difficulties are irreversible. Because Claire, despite her childhood, has to rest … and she doesn’t know how. You have to go out everyday, feeling that the phone is out or out of range. Re-tuning into itself.

One day, her aunt May suggests that they go to an island she knows well, that she will be able to really rest and take a good rest in that difficult summer. A life that will keep many memories with the lives of any of us. The triumph of A Short Hike, developed by the talented Canadian Adam Robinson Ryu his ability to transport us to an unknown place with deep knowledge. The heart of the trip is the trek, which is only two hours based on reaching the top of the mountain. And it’s the same when everything happens. The result? Well deserved rest from which we can learn many things.

Short Hike

Exploration and discovery, ideas that guide us to move forward

Despite the slow pace of this short episode, everything happens very quickly. In a few minutes, the rest of the characters in this beautiful place are telling you about their problems, their hobbies, what they missed and what they are looking for. An Animal Crossing Touch that suits you perfectly, why not say it. From fishing to swimming by jumping and flying. It is these last two that really give meaning to this comfortable gameplay, because the situation is only explored through the fish hiding in the deep sea or through what is inside that chest behind a tree, but also from above. down. Verticality is the backbone of progress and, without many hints, you don’t get lost. You always discover something new.

You are lost, but somehow you know how to continue. There is no hurry, we choose how, where and when. The important thing is not to hurry, but to learn everything that this place has to teach us, at the end of the day, to gain momentum, run and… fly.

Short Hike

There are goals, however. There are secrets. From the character who asks us for favor but the pleasure just to be patient while trying to catch a fish or play a game. basketball. Little by little we are discovering new ways to interact with the environment, returning to what we have seen in the past and, thanks to golden feathers (each one we get allows one more jump), to achieve environments that were not previously accessible; challenge that other animal who loves the park in a race; run with a turtle champion of the regional championships; climb to the top of the club’s climbing wall “with members in half the world.”

Hike Short asks you a lot of questions, but he only answers you to take it seriously. In fact, Robinson Ryu paddles up the river and justifies everything in the deepest way possible. Credible. The game of laughter at the current conventions of video games, their food and their formulas used for exhaustion. Experience wants you to recover; not to offer so many new mechanics, but to move you to a place where you can feel relaxed. Maybe it’s a thought-provoking exercise, which is why we give so much importance to things we don’t really have. That’s why it raises day-to-day dilemmas that the last straw is to lose the tiara in a place that doesn’t endanger industry. That is why people wonder what luck is and how we can be lucky. You may, again, need to take a break from time to time and only stop, because that other world – the real world – of Claire has problems that she can’t solveincluding the problems of those he loves.

On top of Falcon Peak

But the road continues and Claire still aims to reach the top of the mountain. You have to identify what extremely happy that is flightKnow that you can give at least five implications to that fifth golden feather and literally run into the clouds. You can climb bigger and farther. In the distance, a kind of castle. What will it be? And you go. And you lose yourself. And it doesn’t matter to you. You keep going up, you buy a hat, you go fishing, you run. You are coming.

Short Hike

He speaks himself artistically. With so much achieved, a demand for simplicity, being able to barely say a wordless transmission. Hike Short puts color first and uses small white strokes to indicate the direction of the wind. Simplicity did not preclude expressiveness and detail; not to mention the excellent sound composition added by Mark Sparlin the piano is the main main character. The arrival of Short Hike on Nintendo Switch is a celebration because it implies that computer sales are enough to make up for this significant adaptation work. It looks as good as it does on a computer and, as a recommendation, do not hesitate to play it in portable mode.

He does not see who has the best vision, but the one with the widest eyes. A Short Hike makes you feel awake.

Short Hike
Short Hike

Short Hike
What will be hidden in that hole? If you find a shovel you can find out

Short Hike


A Short Hike is one of those video games that showcases the true magic of independent scenes, limits resources as a virtue and explains why it is a video game and not another artistic expression. Claire has to clean up, but she does it with us, who accompanies her on this climb through familiar mechanics, a constant little challenge surrounded by memories and familiar tools in other genres and titles. Her personality, however, is her greatest virtue, because it is easy to express yourself in the face of so many metaphors. Because so much imagination includes a great dose of reality. Recommended for all types of audiences.

THE BEST _____

  • The world, cozy and full of secrets
  • Fly and climb, you own the space
  • The message you want to convey
  • Art article, sum hits


  • The constant feeling that it ends too quickly

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