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P. Studio and Atlus sign the best installment in the Persona saga, with more content and translations into Spanish.

Write down this date: March 31, 2020. That day will make a mark on a front gun one of the most amazing rides of your life. Fate; Japan. You won’t need suitcases, or a passport, or even change your coins for yen, all you need is a PlayStation 4 console.

This journey will take you to the depths of the human mind, show you how the society in which we live works, reveal the injustices that frighten us every day and, in addition, you will know heartbreaking stories that will make your hair at the end. From that day on March 31, nothing will ever be the same as before.

5 Royal Person

Thief of Hearts

On the last day of this month, as if it were a big adventure, Persona 5 Royal, the extended edition of perhaps the best JRPG of the last decade, will come into your homes. Or one of the best in the history of video games, courtesy of Chrono Trigger. Everything is ready, Spanish texts included. It is in your hands to survive, or not, this wonderful experience created by Atlus and SEGA for you. U.S. Everyone.

We have dedicated many hours revival of the episode, improved now, from Joker, Ryuji, Ann or Morgana and we can say that, it stole our hearts again. The video game is a powerful interactive documentary that tells the current state of Japanese society – also valid for the west – the abuse of young workers, the bullying, his iron vision of honor, abuse, his politics or sense of friendship. None of this is new, these themes were already played by the originals, which always surprises me, after the changes introduced in Persona 5 Royal, the video game continues to do wonders as much or more as it already did in 2017 – 2016 in Japan.

5 Royal Person

And did Atlus not add the Royal label to the title just because. Contrary to what it may seem at first glance, tagline said much more. Behind this hides a novel that leaves Person 5 Royal as if it were a new video game. Yes, the plot is the same, then we agree, but there are many possibilities that open up the new content introduced to us in this issue. In fact there is so much to mention that we are left, in the sea of ​​reflection, certain and unconscious.

We want to make this clear before we go into details; Persona 5 Royal is not a DLC or an expansion. And, in the event that Atlus hypothetically decided to add it to the original version in the future, you can expect a major update to your old copy. Royal improves the overall core of the PS3 and PS4 video game, they are not set to add one more semester and some new characters. There is much more behind the five additional letters added to the title.


Of the myriad of news that Persona 5 Royal receives, it may be the one that every reader hopes to know about the ones that affect the main plot. Come Kasumi Yoshizawa or Takuto Maruki The video game integrates perfectly with the existing story until we reach a point where we cannot imagine the game without them. The first comes to Shujin Academy as a promising gymnast who ends up as friends with the main character. The latter, Maruki, is a psychologist who helps students after the adventures with Kamoshida, the institute’s volleyball coach, and is the main character of the game’s first dungeon. They offer two many new lines of text which helps us to better understand the events that take place in the incident.

5 Royal Person

Yes new third character in Persona 5 Royal, Joseph, a boy dressed as a sort of egg as a hat – like Calimero – is seen there Mementos, the common meta-Review for those with a rotten heart. It is responsible for rewarding us with items and statistics for our characters such as more experience, money or goods in Mementos in exchange for some flowers scattered around this randomly generated mound. In turn, it will give us a unique object in exchange for the Through Wish Seeds that we can find in every palace, another novel from Royal.

Each of them adds modifications to the already known history but will be in the third semester, unpublished to date, when things change radically. It’s an extra six months in which the episode unfolds sometimes generous amount. About 25% -30% more new content. Unfortunately we can’t go beyond the events after December so you need to find out for yourself what will happen from that date.

5 Royal Person

More changes are made in history when it came new neighborhood, Kichijoji. We can relate to Akechi, the young detective, when he is also available with Kasumi. This case adds new stores, including one dedicated to the sale of the dirty clothes we get from the dunes and, at the same time, gaining points for exchanging goods there. Also a temple where the social statistics of the character can be reflected and uploaded, a jazz room where to acquire new skills or increase statistics and game room. There are mini billiards available – often in video sequences – and darts, which can be fully played unless we have a remote control with a motion sensor similar to the original DualShock 4. First we can increase our Confidence and other statistics as well as improve the technical damage of the group. In the latter, we made the Relay opponent option much more powerful on several levels.

Eventually the modifications received in the palaces and in the Mementos. The first has undergone important changes in its structure, history and battles against its rulers to an extent some are very different for the originals. For example, and not getting into too much spoilers, in a confrontation with Kamoshida vital new enemies in the history of this man are added with lines dedicated to a better understanding of him. And the same with the rest of the bosses.

5 Royal Person

In addition to this and taking advantage of the citation of the palaces, the internal structure of the palaces was changed into mechanics, puzzles, enemy disposition and addition the Joker Hook tool. With that we will reach places that cannot be handled in any other way and it will also allow us to get the Seeds of Desire. This hook, at a higher moment in history, is used for making ambush in the distance enemies.

The definitive edition

Mementos also brings news to the story, albeit in the form of Side Quests. Thanks to the Kichijoji neighborhood and other factors, Mementos adds new missions and secondary zones to be completed in this meta-Review. There are also flowers that we must collect and deliver to Jose in exchange for bonuses and new area which is seen randomly where the light does not reach it and there is no map to guide us. Inside, high-level enemies can be seen, but also better rewards.

5 Royal Person

Leaving aside the changes that affect the main plot, we have a lot of new features that completely affect the gameplay. From a better balance in the ability of our secrets, more time available to have an affair with them – Morgana will not force us to sleep anymore at night -, passing by thirteen new Persons or additions to the Velvet Room –Velvet Room in English-.

In this last point, new options have been added to acquire a new Person, among them alarm that you can jump in the room under certain conditions. When a Joker hears you will be warned and thanks to it the fusion of People will be more powerful, offering improved skills for the results obtained. However, its use is very limited and this limitation can be disastrous.

5 Royal Person

The Velvet Room gets another novel, the Combating Challenges, a kind of fighting wave seven different challenges and ten levels of difficulty each. To overcome these challenges, you must meet certain conditions imposed by the video game and we can by getting a juicy reward according to our score. Of course, only the first one is available to enjoy, the other six have to be purchased from the Playstation Store.

Not only has the combat in the relays improved – with much more damage and bonuses – thanks to mini-darts or pool games, it has improved in many aspects. For example in a technical beat, which now makes a more intense beat from the bottom up. Everything is more tactical now than ever and, therefore, some Persons are balanced so that they have power like the others. Weapons get a more impressive range as reload their bullets at the opponent’s end and, for example, some altered states operate differently from the original one. But there is something else…

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