Baby Care: The Best Care For Baby Skin


There is nothing as perfect as a baby’s skinat least until the first friction and irritations. These wounds are very irritating to the newborn and are likely to cause crying and discomfort, which will despair and break your parents’ hearts.

For those delicate first months, experts recommend a series of actions this will greatly improve our little one’s dermis and protect it from friction. For this, E’lifexir® throw the line Natural Cosmetics Baby Care, Certified by Ecocert, which will take care of the baby’s skin.

This label acts as a guarantee that the product that obtains it is a ecological cosmetic and done with ingredients of natural origin and GMO free (genetically modified organisms), parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, synthetic perfumes or dyes and products of animal origin (except those produced naturally by them, such as honey, milk, etc.).

What kind of conditions can a baby’s skin have?

Most scratches or wounds they will have no more complications and they will leave with the passage of time and due care. However, it is important to know which ones are the most common in order to treat them properly.

The usual is to find irritations of the diaper line. This may be because the diaper is too tight, the baby has been using it for a long time, or a minor allergy. In addition, in the butt area, some conditions due to feces or urine may also arise.

Likewise, when they grow up, sometimes around the mouth some irritations may appear due to teething.

It is also common for some babies to suffer from dry skin, especially those who were born a few days later than planned. These skins will be a little more scaly than normal, but this is generally not a cause for concern, as the dermis underlying dryness is usually healthy and soft.

Sometimes, and especially in periods of heat, we can also find some granites in those areas with higher sweat tendency such as the neck, skin folds or, again, the diaper area.

However, if our baby’s wounds do not meet any of the above descriptions or do not disappear after a while, it is better that let’s see a doctor.

How to care for the skin of our little one?

Some of the above irritations that appear on the skin are easy to reduce, if not to avoid, with some precautions.

In the care universe, one of the main moments is the bathroom.

The first thing we need to know is that we don’t have to dilate much in the bathroom; on the contrary, we can reduce to about 5 minutes. With water, the skin barrier that protects the baby’s skin weakens. In addition, we must control that the water is not too hot and that the soaps and gels that we use does not contain SLS, SLES or aggressive detergents which can cause irritation.

For dry skin, constant and consistent hydration is best. With one application of body milk after bathing will be more than enough to protect and contribute to the improvement of your skin barrier.

In the case of the diaper area, to avoid these frictions, it is better to change the diaper as soon as possible, use an ass cream that moisturizes, soothes and acts as a protective barrier against aggressive agents and leaves let the skin breathe in the air a little bit every day.

To the perioral area, professionals recommend use of creams designed exclusively for the skin of the face baby and, if possible, have the soothing ingredients Organic Bisabolol and Blue Daisy.

Which products to choose?

Babies’ skin is extremely permeable. This means that everything we apply to it will be quickly absorbed and assimilated by your body. Therefore, it is imperative to use hypoallergenic and as natural as possible care products. Of course, they must have been developed under strict dermatological and pediatric control and designed for application on babies with sensitive and / or atopic-prone skin.

O Hypoallergenic line e’lifexir® Baby Care It meets all these requirements and is designed to soothe babies’ delicate skin, especially now that high temperatures are approaching. With the summer, the skin is more exposed and, therefore, with greater clemency of external agents.

it is dermatological gel shampoo It is a natural alternative that relieves the itching of the baby, contributing to his relaxation during the bath. With cleaning agents derived from coconut oil and aloe veraIt is a perfect combination to clean and rebuild the skin barrier.

O body lotion this band protects the dermis, providing quick feeling of well-being and comfort to our little one, in addition to acting as an antiseptic, thanks to Organic Bisabolol.

In addition, e’lifexir® Baby Care has a specific protective cream for the diaper area, reducing redness and keeping the area hydrated at all times. Likewise, the soothing and repairing facial cream It will be tremendously useful for those irritations in the perioral area, so common in boys and girls.

Finally, the natural range also includes natural massage oil relieve cramps and mineral sunscreen with SPF50 + protection, which protects against UVA, UVB and IRA and helps prevent burns in the coming sunny days. Being a sunscreen formulated only with physical filters, it can be used from birth.

All measures for the well-being of our little one are few in exchange for seeing him grow up healthy. The skin acts as a first barrier against external agents and, although it is important to take care of it throughout life, provide it protection in the first few months is crucial for proper development of a baby.